What are the technical specifications required to set up YoYumm?

The following technical requirements are needed to set up Yo!Yumm:

Supported Operating Systems: Linux x86, x86-64

Supported Web Servers

- Apache 2.2.x – Apache 2.4.x

- Nginx - 1.14.x

PHP Compatibility: 7.2

Required Extensions

  • GD with Free Font support

  • Zlib with zip support

  • DOM

  • mbstring should be enabled

  • Iconv function should be enabled

  • Fileinfo function should be enabled

  • Ioncube Loader

  • JSON

  • cURL function should be enabled

  • The calendar function should be enabled

  • PHP Composer should be installed

  • Safe mode off

- PHP Memory Limit: 128M


  • 5.6 or newer
  • sql_mode must be "NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION" only

Server Hosting Setup: Ability to run scheduled jobs (crontab) with PHP

Compatible Web Hosting: Dedicated Server or Cloud Server

For AWS Setup

Yo!Yumm can be set up with t2.micro, however, will require upgradation once the number of users begin to increase. Our general recommendation is t2.large instance type.

The configuration of various EC2 instances can be viewed at https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/instance-types/ 

Server Configuration: General recommendation is a minimum quad core CPU with at least 4 GB RAM for optimal use

Note: AWS Free Tier Instance  (T2.micro) is for checking the functionality of the website/solution being delivered, we recommend upgrading to T2.medium or T2.large before you start marketing your business. Upgrading AWS hosting instance costs only a fraction of the amount compared to the marketing costs and other direct/indirect costs involved in performance optimization of the solution to run on T2.micro instance.

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