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FATbit unveils its newer look for BLOGS FATbit unveils its newer look for BLOGS

FATBit has redesigned its blog space for giving more enriching experience to online business enthusiasts. The page has come into being with a focus on research and analysis that will not only talk about the problems but offer effective solutions to reader's query too.
The analysts and writers at FABlog make sure that the blog gives an insight to all untouched topics that need to come under one's view. The inputs on significant issues like traffic generating, user experience and conversions are well studied and framed in an 'easy-to- understand' manner so as to give the opportunity to its readers to explore varied options available for them.  One can find here, the most relevant stuff on day to day transitions that take place in the world of technology and change the face of web solutions.

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2013-06-15 17:25

FATbit all set to shift in new office FATbit all set to shift in new office

In the past five years, FATbit saw phenomenal expansion in terms of human resource to manage the inflow of design and development work. Keeping in mind the same pattern along with future growth plans, we have decided to move to a location that can accommodate our growing team strength.

Paperwork and other formalities to shift in the new office have been finalized, our web experts will be working on your projects in a new physical setting by February beginning. Excitement is very much noticeable amongst the FATbit team, adding more to the excitement higher management has promised thrilling changes. With another new beginning in the New Year, FATbit promises its clients the same uncompromising dedication to render web services.

2013-01-21 17:24

FATbit creates website for Embassy of Oman in Paris FATbit creates website for Embassy of Oman in Paris

Once again living up to its global reputation, FATbit completes design work for the official website ( of ‘embassy of the sultanate of Oman in Paris’. The website clearly lives up to the quality expectations from a web platform representing a distinguished institution. While keeping plenty of white space to make individual elements stand apart, FATbit professionals accomplished the task of accommodating all the important sections on homepage. While above-the-fold banner and content quickly communicates what the website represents, the simple navigation and search option helps visitors in finding what they are looking for. We are proud of creating another truly international web platform that meets global quality standards.

2013-01-08 17:24

FATbit begins New Year with New Logo FATbit begins New Year with New Logo

FATbit celebrates changes and is known for trying new ideas from time to time. Starting the New Year on the same exciting note, we have finally raised the curtain from our new logo. Considering our penchant for vivacity, hope and life, we choose to go green with the commencement of another lively year. While undertaking the designing work, the emphasis was on introducing the spirit of newness without compromising the authority and professionalism of the earlier one. The delicate balance has been perfectly attained in the new logo design work.

The logo update is garnering interest from our clients and web fraternity alike. We hope it will bring us the same luck as the earlier one.

2013-01-01 17:23

Redesigning work completed for FATbit Redesigning work completed for FATbit

FATbit is always exploring opportunities to enhance the experience of visitors to make a strong first impression. Following the same goal, we recently completed redesigning work for our website. A specialized team of senior designers and copywriters undertook the task of evolving the new design.
Focus was on better navigation, engaging content and more visual appeal. Usage of content accentuating images was also carefully addressed. While earlier design attracted its share of compliments, the objective of the redesign was to add the flavor of brevity and freshness to the website.

The goal was accomplished in a fashionable manner when the new website went live and our clients contacted to lend words of praise.

2012-10-07 17:23

FATbit mixes work and play with Hill Station Trip FATbit mixes work and play with Hill Station Trip

FATbit knows the value of team building and social interaction within an organization. To make sure that our employees find time to engage in a light conversation, a one day trip to popular hill station, Kasauli, was organized. The HR department planned team building games during the journey to make sure that employees interacted with each other.

Higher management was also in the holiday mood. They shared professional as well as personal experiences to make everyone at ease. The day was concluded with dinner at a native restaurant known for serving mouth watering delicacies. The trip was surely a breath of fresh air and opportunity to connect socially.

2012-09-02 17:27

bitFATdeals brings updates and new features bitFATdeals brings updates and new features

We are pleased to announce that it is about time to raise the bar of competition in the daily deals market with our improved bitFATdeals script. After the introduction of our path breaking script, we kept our eyes on the market to identify new features and upgrades that could be made to refine the concept of daily deals. With additional script features in admin and merchant related functionality, bitFATdeals has become smarter and even more powerful.


In the field of affiliates and charity management too, we have brought radical changes that will appeal very much to our client base. Besides our much celebrated custom design option, we are also offering five revisions - which we can claim no other script provider is giving - to make sure that our clients get the exact design they have in mind.

We are confident that the new and improved bitFATdeals will give our clients the firepower they require to dominate.

2012-05-07 16:43

Redcappi- Online Email Marketing system developed Redcappi- Online Email Marketing system developed

Mr. Alec Beglarian was looking for a web services company that can give wings to his email marketing idea. We came in touch and discussed the requirements as well as project details. Mr. Alec trusted our expertise and handed us the project for developing his email marketing platform. After months of strenuous design and development work, we came up with RedCappi. The platform lets marketers create, send and track emails/newsletters with ease. RedCappi comes with powerful functionalities through which a user can perform email creation & related tasks, oversee campaigns with the help of stats and make changes accordingly. Our focus was to simplify tasks like email creation & campaign management, and we accomplished the same for our client. We wish Mr. Alec Beglarian all the best in his future endeavors.

2011-04-11 17:22

University Management System (UMS) developed for Nigerian University University Management System (UMS) developed for Nigerian University

FATbit has truly gone global with UMS project. A prominent Nigerian university was planning to bring all the educational institutions under one platform for better organization and information accessibility. University officials came in touch with our project managers and after initial rounds of discussions, FATbit executives visited the country for conducting an official presentation. University heads were satisfied with solution we proposed and gave us a go ahead for the project. After months of strenuous work, the solution came out in the form of University Management System. And to speak of Nigerian welcome our expert team got, it was quite delightful.

2010-10-10 17:22

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