YouTube TV Is Here: The Live TV Streaming Service Goes Live in 5 US Cities

YouTube TV Is Here: The Live TV Streaming Service Goes Live in 5 US Cities


By nature, Google constantly looks to add new services to its offerings. Latest in the queue is YouTube TV – a live TV streaming service, now available in 5 US cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Philadelphia) and ‘coming soon’ to more US markets.

Launched roughly after a month of its initial announcement (in late February), YouTube TV is $35 a month service that offers live TV streaming for popular TV networks on-the-go, across the devices, and at relatively cheaper prices than conventional cable providers.

Currently, YouTube TV is in partnership with following TV Networks:

YouTube TV
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TV – Anytime, Anywhere

YouTube TV is expected to gel up well will the current generation of viewers, who according to YouTube’s VP Kelly Merryman ‘love TV programming, but not its distribution’. Meaning, a distribution that is not cross-device currently.

YouTube is also offering some perks to ensure mass adoption of the service. These are:

  • A free one-month subscription
  • Complementary Chromecast (after first payment)
  • A cloud DVR with no storage limit (saved content would last 9 months)
  • Six accounts per connection (each with its separate storage)
  • Access to YouTube Red Original Series

Better Initiative than YouTube Red

In contrast to YouTube Red (an ad-free subscription for YouTube viewership that Google launched in 2015), YouTube TV is likely to gain more traction. According to Paul Verna of eMarketer, the reason for Red’s not so successful journey is, “It’s hard to get people to pay for stuff they’d already been able to get for free.” FATbit raised similar concerns during YouTube Red’s launch that turned out to be true for the most part.

On the other hand, YouTube TV is bringing users live sports, news, entertainment, for which they pay to cable networks otherwise.

A Better TV Ad Network Coming Its Way?

Due to broadcasting in wide geographies, TV ads, by nature, aren’t poorly targeted. However, Google with its data for user searches, maps, emails, etc., which the company is gathering for many years, can alter the course of TV ads for YouTube TV viewers. As a matter of fact, despite the recent YouTube Ads Boycott, advertisers are eager to give YouTube TV a shot.

YouTube isn’t alone in the race of live Internet TV. AT&T’s Direct TV Now, Sony PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, Hulu – many other players are trying to bring anytime-anywhere live TV experience to users. However, YouTube being a popular service, already installed on many devices & integrated with many apps, will definitely have an edge over others.

What’s your take on YouTube TV; share your views with us.

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