WWDC 2013 & iOS7: Did Apple Really Impress?


The 24th WWDC 2013 kicked off with a keynote speech from Tim Cook (CEO of Apple Inc.). With curtain raised from OS X Mavericks (jokingly referred to OS Sea Lion), iOS7, iTune Radio, new Safari browser and Mac Pro, there was no scarcity of announcements.WWDC 2013 and iOS 7iOS7 was certainly the one that garnered most attention as people wanted to know what Apple had reinvented to keep up with the rivals like Windows and Android JellyBean. However, amongst the cheers and revelations, there were whispers and unimpressed looks that reflected the common opinion slowly building around the brand.

Following points will answer the question posed in the title;

Public Reaction
The new iOS7 with over two hundred additional features and new user interface obviously made a good first impression. While most developers said that the giant leap Apple took towards making the new UI is impressive, many felt that it is less design oriented with poor and amateur icons. Some experts even say that the new font looks pushed in the scenario.

Apple has ‘sherlocked’ many companies by integrating third party software features into their own. For instance, the Mailbox’s swipe gestures into its own Mail App, Angelbit’s 1Password, HTC’s Android weather App. Apple had also finally brought in Apple Maps for cars in order to cope up with Windows’ Nokia Drive.

Market Point of View
On the day of the keynote speech Apple Shares reached a whooping 422M recorded in 7 June to 448M recorded on 10 June (the day the WWDC 2013 started).

On 11 June, the shares came down to 440M and are steeply declining. It seems that the investors did not like the announcements Apple made and were expecting something extraordinary. In online reviews from developers, WWDC keynote speech and revelations have been referred as glorified plagiarism tale.

At the End
Perhaps, development community as well as rest of the world was expecting more from Apple about iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, or the infamous iWatch which didn’t even garner a mention in the keynote speech.

Overall, Team Cook did a decent job but with Apple trends failing to make a big impact on the investors, the talk about starting the ‘Frankenstein Experiment’ to bring back Mr. Jobs might already have started. The market dip may be stated as stabilization after the sudden jump but it couldn’t be ignored that WWDC 2013 didn’t bring something worth standing ovation.

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