Why Hotel & Tourism Industry Loves Responsive Platforms?

Why Hotel & Tourism Industry Loves Responsive Platforms?


Responsive’ has been the buzzword for a couple of years now but hotel & tourism industry seems to have realized its existence quite recently. More and more travel tourism players are shifting loyalty to sleek responsive designs but one cannot say that it’s only the hype that is making them pay attention. There is more to responsive phenomena, and tourism fraternity seems to have realized it. Here are some plausible reasons for the love bloom;

Wider reach

Web users are no longer glued to their desktops. They browse, making bookings, plan and search information on tablets and smartphones too. Mobile travel bookings alone are supposed to touch $8 billion in present year.

In such a scenario, having a platform that falls apart on small screens can be a business hazard. A responsive platform promises flawless user experience on all type of screens. Hence, it is perfect for tourism folks to target a wider audience.

It is the future

Every business nowadays realizes the power of web, and very much aspires to invest in technology that would give web torque. Hotel industry is no different. The number of online travel & hotel bookings is growing year after year, with no sign of a downward trend. Considering its adaptability to multiple devices, responsive design is being hailed as the future of web platforms. And don’t we all know how tourism industry loves being in the forefront?

Less maintenance work

Maintaining separate platforms for desktops and mobiles requires twice the content updates and design changes. This increases the maintenance work, not to mention the cost too. Travel industry has always showed fondness for solutions that spares money in the pockets. Responsive design does the same and that too in the most fashionable manner.

The preference can also be justified by looking at the affection of industry’s clientele for technology. In today’s competitive era, no service provider can afford to ignore the tastes and preferences of their customers. Perhaps, hotel & tourism industry has fallen for responsive travel platforms for the very same reason.

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