What were you Thinking While you Made such Podcast Mistakes?

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Podcast has been around for quite some time as internet hasn’t stopped bloating. It is a form of digital media entailing episodic series of audio, radio, video, PDF, or ePub files that are subscribed and downloaded through web syndication. The word is derived from ‘broadcast’ and ‘podcast’, thanks to the success of iPod. Although it is relatively still subtle, it is one of the most favoured forms of marketing of current era. Besides being cost effective, podcasts make information personal, convenient and easy to consume, are portable, and are great for a social networking strategy. Considered to be a digital treat, podcasts are highly beneficial for cross promotion of your website and helping you build networks.

But, there are some blunders marketers must take care while starting out on podcasts. Often, there are many people who are intimidated by the idea of Podcasts and their number is gross. If your palms are also sweaty at the thought of creating Podcasts, perhaps it’s time you need to delve into the mistakes you are making. Here are those common podcast mistakes that you must avoid:

  • Identifying the wrong target audience is one of the biggest boo-boos. If you fail in finding out the niche market that you are supposed to cater, you are more likely to go haywire and purposeless.
  • An unprofessional podcast cover image is yet again a blooper you must watch out for. If you are really serious about Podcasting, crappy covers wouldn’t favour your business marketing strategy. Look out for something more unique and authentic. Nicely designed Podcasts increase the perceived value of the same.
  • If you try to sell too much but miss out on a powerful and effective call to action, your Podcast would be losing out on the real fat. There must be at least one call to action on every episode.
  • A low quality audio equipment, you cannot go worse than this. A perfect ‘NO’ is what we have to say to this. You might be able to attract them at first but not retain them for long to stick to your Podcasts. Make sure you are on the right page with having the best equipment on board.
  • Once you have your Podcast ready, make sure you submit them to directories. More often than not, people think once their Podcast is on the blog, they can sit relaxed. This is FALSE! This is in reality only the beginning; people will come to know when your Podcast gets popular, only when it is shared at varied places. Submit your Podcast to several directories present online, strengthen your presence and give access to thousands of people to know more about you.
  • If you do not have a certain topic to make your Podcast on, you might be confusing your listeners, lose out on them and inviting bad reviews on the same. There has to be a strong link in your Podcasts.
  • And lastly limiting your subscription options could be a hindrance as well. Encourage as many subscriptions as you can.

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