What a Professional Ponders on Before Creating an App?


Not every app goes ahead to become the ‘most downloaded’ or dominates the ‘featured lists’. To create an app that makes money, a developer has to think differently to make it survive in the sea of apps. Besides thinking differently, one also has to make sure that basics are not meddled with, and initial steps are taken ultra carefully. Here are some points that best app development companies take into consideration;


Idea lies at the very centre of a successful app. Execution part depends very much on the potential of the app as an idea. However, be cautious because every idea that glitters is not gold. Rather than hurrying into execution part, a sensible website development company would firstly confirm the potential of the app; it needs to be confirmed whether the app has a potential market or not. By confirming this in the very beginning, one can save the effort, time as well as resources to be invested in chasing an unsalable idea.

Finding a vacuum or creating a blue ocean

There is gargantuan number of apps out there and most of them try to fit in the already underlined rules. In such a scenario, trying to find a vacuum can be a great idea. Making an app for a need that is already present in the market could work wonders for sales and quick success. Technology and innovations create new vacuum all the time and one just has to be ready to identify them. In the same way, the concept of creating Blue Ocean also applies in the app world. For those who have forgotten the blue ocean strategy, it suggests creating new demand in an uncontested market space. An offshore web development company knows how much potential the concept of Blue Ocean carries and thus dedicates time to evolve it.

Targeting and money issues  

Pitching an app to the target audience is as important as making an app. If target is to mint money, then, it is better to go ahead with the same perspective and study as well as research accordingly. Apps are generally categorized into four types when it comes to making money.

The first is the one that is low on price and high on volume. Target audience is almost everyone and bets are made on intense marketing campaigns. The price usually doesn’t exceed $5. iTranslate and Clear are perfect examples.

Second is the one that is high on price and low on volume. These apps bring great value to users and thus they don’t mind paying the hefty price tag that comes with them. Proloquo2Go and OmniFocus are two apps that fit perfectly in the description.

Third is the one that is high on volume and profit per user. These apps are hard to conceive but pays handsomely once evolved. TomTom GPS and Pandora fit the bill perfectly. These require efforts from the best website design company that understands the importance of user experience, derived benefit and rich functionality.

Fourth is the type that doesn’t see the hay days; they come with low volume and low profit per user. This is the category where most of the failed ones fall.

The bitter truth is that coming up with a money churning app is a bit complicated. While value derived from the money spent on app is going to be crucial, design, visibility and usability are also going to become great game changers.

Now, if you are someone who has the idea but not the know how to change it into the app, then, you need an offshore web design company specializing in apps. That’s because only they know what elements to ponder on while creating the next awesome app for the smart phone world.

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