Script Features to Launch Advanced Household Services Marketplace

Script Features to Launch Advanced Household Services Marketplace

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Tasks like house cleaning, moving and repairs seem simple but can be time-consuming as well as exhausting. In this age of technology, issues like these can be easily solved. Moreover this also brings in a new era of business opportunity for a marketplace that connects people willing to perform such tasks with the ones in need. Platforms like Taskrabbit, Hassle, and Airtasker have already created a name for themselves in their respective regions.

This popularity motivated our analysts to do an in-depth analysis of this business model, necessary website features, and key implementations that can result in a superior service professional marketplace. Before going further, let’s closely study the business model and how a platform can generate revenue.

Business and Revenue Model

A website based on this business model allows users to outsource small jobs and tasks to others in their neighbourhood. Users name the task they need done, search within a network of pre-approved nearby taskers, and select the one that best suits them.

The website can either have a bidding system in place for random tasks, or an on-demand service for requesting services with fixed fees. The process of bidding system can include:

  • Posting a job on website.
  • Receiving bids from service providers.
  • Choosing the best

On the other hand, when it comes to on-demand services, users have a fixed hourly rates for tasks. Taskers (those taking on the jobs) post their hourly rate so that clients can easily see how much a task will cost and how long it will take to complete. They can then hire the tasker best suits their needs. For every task taken, the platform can charge a markup as service charges.

If you are planning to launch an on-demand peer-to-peer marketplace that allows users to outsource small jobs and tasks to others, then, you need to understand unique features which contributed to the success of the website. Business analysts at FATbit Technologies have done an in-depth study of the required website features and also shared vital areas necessary to launch an advanced service professional clone website.

Before looking at its feature, let’s take a look at the key players in this market.

Main Competitors

  • TaskRabbit: It is one of the biggest marketplaces for getting menial tasks done. This domestic service marketplace has made its mark by gaining huge popularity across 16 cities of US and London.
  • Based in UK, its business model focuses on providing cleaners to the users. It has a fixed pricing model in place and does not allow for direct hiring like TaskRabbit.
  • Airtasker: This Australia based TaskRabbit competitor allows users to post a task along with their budget. Fellow taskers then offer help along with bids.
  • Zaarly: This startup allows users to browse profiles of professional workers and contact the desired contactor with query.
  • Thumbtack: This US based startup works on a whole new methodology, where the user creates a new task and receives quotes via phone or email.

Now that we have covered the biggest competitors, let’s start with website features that can make any website overtake these players.

Website Overview

When it comes to peer-to-peer marketplaces, the website design has to balance its focus equally on all the user types. This is why you have to design the webpages with services being offered in mind. In addition to it, you need to also focused immensely on human behavior across the website and followed a theme that would generate trust among users.


FATbit analysts believe that giving a personalised user experience is vital when it comes to the homepage. In order to attain that, as soon as the users open the homepage they can be greeted with a banner image of a happy tasker doing her job as well as a happy user sitting and relaxing. This could be the central idea around your website. The first fold of the website should be kept simple to focus only on important details like login/signup and selecting tasks like cleaning, moving and other assistance.
As the users scroll down the homepage they could see a taglines highlighting the advantages of using your platform.

How it Works Section

Most players in this niche market follow different set of guidelines and have separate business models. Considering the same, you should clearly depicted how your site works on the homepage itself. This is essential for users to get familiar with your service.

Why Choose Us Section

A big query that often comes to the mind of the users is that why should they chose a particular service. This is why you should put a dedicated section on your website telling users the advantage of using your service. You can also showcase a featured tasker on your homepage, emphasizing on the quality of the service you provide. You can also use innovative CTAs to introduce visitors to interesting pages.

PRO TIP: Catchy CTAs improve visitor engagement and even generate leads


Most crowd-sourced based ventures forget the importance of social connectivity. Even more forget to leverage good reviews received from major media firms. You ought to cover all these aspects in your footer section where you can show important pages, social networking webpages, and reviews from major media firms as well as links to mobile apps.

How Payments Work

Rather than going for a help section, you can relay as much information as possible on your website itself. One of the biggest queries in the mind of the users for Peer-to-peer services is the mode of payment. This is why you must have a dedicated section for payments that clearly states:

  • Transparent hourly prices
  • Secure cash-free payments
  • Service Charges
  • Cancellation policy

Assurance & Guarantee

In the current market dynamics, it is highly vital to build user confidence. Moreover, in order to ensure safety of taskers, you should provide a given amount of insurance to the users. As far as users are concerned, you should also perform a background check of each tasker for security reasons. Highlighting the same on your website would give you ample credence.

Multi user Types

There are two types of users on on such peer-to-peer platforms:

  • People looking for help with Tasks
  • People willing to become a Tasker

The process of signing up is different for both type of users.


A signup process is one of the most crucial parts of any online portal. Make it cumbersome and you are bound to lose users. This is the reason why you should keep the signup process for users easy and simple. Users can go for traditional way of account creation or signup via Facebook/Google.
The signup form would only ask for basic details like Name, Email, Password and Zipcode. The last option is necessary to provide relevant information to the users based on nearby taskers. It should not take more than a minute to create an account.
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Dashboard is surely one of the most critical areas as it is the central hub where most of the users as well as taskers would spend time while logged in. to ensure optimal user engagement, offer a clean interface across the website by only providing relevant information.

After thoroughly analyzing various websites we found that you should highlight all the categories right on the dashboard, making it easy for any users to browse taskers. Moreover, if a user is looking for some other service, then, they should also have the option to add custom task. This approach not only declutters the website but also makes it easier to post relevant task.

You should also show nearby taskers to the users which are selected based on selection algorithm. By changing area pincode, users can streamline the search and only get relevant results. Now let’s look at the process of hiring a tasker and get a better idea of overall process.

Requesting Task

After going through many P2P service outsourcing portals, we came up with several ideas which would help in building an advanced website. As soon as the user clicks on a required service, they should be taken to service request page. You ought to put a lot of focus on UX, which would show your user centric approach. You could also have a separate banner image that shows for each service selected. Users can fill this form, which covers all the aspects of the task like:

  • Type of task
  • How big is the task?
  • What would you like the tasker to bring?
  • Description about the task
  • Preferred date and time
  • Task Location

According to our recommendations, it should not take more than two minutes to fill the service request form.

Find a Tasker

One of the biggest attributes of such platforms is that users have direct access to the list of taskers, before assigning any ask. After filling the form, the website can give four main options to the user.

  • You yourself would pick a tasker for user based on the information they have provided for a fixed hourly price.
  • Featured Tasker: These are the highest rated taskers who constantly provide outstanding service.
  • Randomly selected nearby tasker which has taken most number of selected tasks.
  • New Tasker: Users have budget constraint can hire a new tasker who charges nominally.

If the user does not feel confident from the options provided by you, then, they can browse through more taskers. The website should uses cards like interface for results, which is highly engaging.

Moreover, it is important to understand that each and every tasker goes through a verification channel, and you should clearly mention this across the website in order to enhance user confidence.

Tasker Profile

You can also offers users the option to browse through profile of the tasker before selecting them. This would help them get an idea about the person they are hiring. Rather than going for a resume type approach used by most of websites, you should try to keep it sleek.

In the about section, you can describe the tasker in way that creates a friendly connection between user and the tasker. Other information on this page includes:

  • Profile picture
  • Verification via social networking profiles
  • Number of tasks undertaken
  • Per hour charges
  • Task proficiency
  • About
  • Reviews

Hiring a Tasker

Hiring any tasker ought to be super easy. The user only has to input their mobile number along with the credit card details. Users are only charged when the task is completed. We recommend this approach for all aspirants looking to create a service professional clone website.

Apply to be a Tasker

Till now we have looked at the website features from user prospective. But the website also acts as a platform for people to become a tasker. As already discussed you ought to focus on delivering quality service which is why in order to become a tasker, a user has to go through various verification steps. Users can verify their tasker account by linking their profile to LinkedIn or Facebook profile.
An application form that asks users about introduction, address, and other necessary details needs to be designed keeping the information streamlined. You should keep each and every application on the website highly precise while requesting only relevant information.

Background Security Check

While most platforms based on this business model have been focusing on offering wide array of services and increasing their database of taskers, you should only employ trustworthiness taskers. This would enable you t stand out from the rest and build a more trustworthy connection with the users.  By personally-vetting local service providers, doing background checks, service tests, and incorporating existing consumer reviews, you can surely add leverage to your services.The website should also communicate the same to the target audience on various pages. The background information can include:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Social security number
  • Banking details

PRO TIP: Pick a clone script that comes with efficient verification features.

My Account

This section houses all the details about the users which includes:

  • Password
  • Notifications
  • Billing Info
  • Redemptions
  • Transactions
  • Deactivation

Mobile App

It is an era of mobility, and most e-commerce websites are focusing on mobile first strategy. This business model came to the forefront to make it easy for users to hire people. Adding mobility to that equation makes the overall process easier and efficient.

User Reviews

In the current market dynamics, it is vital to understand that customer decisions are influenced by reviews. This is why you must also have prominently integrated user reviews, which generates user confidence. You can also attach corresponding pictures of the tasks that they had availed, adding to the credibility of the review.

Real Time Help Chat

In this age of technology boom, there are several website pertaining to a single niche business model. This makes it difficult to novice users to get accustomed to the functionality of each and every website. A real time help chat along with FAQs would surely make it easy for users to resolve their queries.

Option to select multiple taskers

After thorough analysis of the business model of all the players in this market, we found that rather than selecting an individual tasker it would be more user friendly to allow users to select multiple taskers. For example, if you select a single tasker and that tasker does not accept the task, you then have to again follow the whole process of selecting another tasker. By selecting multiple taskers, the first tasker to accept your request gets the job done. Integrate such an approach in your service professional marketplace clone to make the overall process more efficient.

Final Thoughts

Websites like TaskRabbit, Zaarly and Hassle took a simple business idea and turned it to perfection with an intuitive website and efficient business model. Apart from these features, there are few other minor areas where your website need to focus to differentiate itself from the bunch. After thoroughly going through all the features and studying top competitors FATbit team has gathered vital insights to build advanced Service professional marketplace clone.

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