UX Experts don’t trust their GUTs but A/B Testing. Why? Read on..

UX Experts don’t trust their GUTs but A/B Testing. Why? Read on..

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If testing lays ground for experiments then A/B testing gives roof to your implementations. It’s the most common term used by web development and online marketing experts. With A/B testing, you get accurate results of two variants that are likely to maximize your returns. Here we will read first why A/B testing is important and in which situations, you can make the best of it.

Are you sure that you are deriving enough sales from your website?

If not then A/B testing is the solution for you. Instead of relying on intuition or guesswork, choose tested facts and figures. It is a simple way that helps you test the various changes that look profitable to you. This helps you pick the one that promises maximum productivity out of all possible choices.

It is important to check validity of new design or change, before you bring them permanently against existing design. It also confirms that the change will improve your current brand image and conversions.

Other possibilities that call for A/B testing:

  • You might have no idea that your website could sell twice as currently doing.
  • Your website is not having the best landing page and you are unaware of it.

With the technology and people preferences trending very fast, your website too need a timely refurbish to match up the changing inclinations of users. For a good website experience, it is a must that you put your time and effort in right direction and bring on relevant changes. Testing acts as a tried-and-true option to make these changes fruitful too.

What is A/B testing?

It’s a painless and transparent way to test design variations against current page to define which one will produce the best result. You can check the soundness of data-supported decisions, prior to making any change in your site code.

Read below the benefits of A/B testing:

  • The impact of changes on leads and purchases is measured in advance.
  • A/B testing has statistical significance, as the data is quantitative so it’s easy to bring inferences out of it.
  • Showing two versions of a page is possible with A/B testing software, which busts your worry of how visitors will respond to it. They decide which version they want to see.
  • Testing supports your thoughts with logic before applying them to your online business.
  1. Are you sure that your landing page is perfect?
  2. Have you tried the other design alternates that you thought of?
  3. Are you still finalizing the layout of your website pages by guess work?

If yes, then you are not availing the best opportunity. You need A/B testing tools, to know which design alternate is best and which is incompetent.

There are so many ways of it that you can do A/B testing yourself too, but it would take away considerable amount of time and effort. And then too, you may not be sure of the results. So using tools is a better choice to do A/B testing.
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Which tool should I consider for A/B testing?

We surveyed various tools available in market before developing this study. As per our market research, Optimizely gains greater hold in offering precision and objectivity that is the foremost goal of A/B testing.

You can depend on it for A/B and multivariate testing and get immediate and ideal results. Ahead are other reasons, why Optimizely is more than a platform that offers website optimization software.

Optimizely is technically driven to offer –

  • Mobile website & cross-browser testing
  • Multi-page funnel testing
  • Testing focused on visitor segments, Geo targeting, IP address targeting
  • Track of experiments

The most tempting feature of Optimizely is that, it gives you CEO’s assistance too, depending upon the package. You can get his number for direct interaction, once you have opted for the right package.

They are highly focused towards their support and determined for customer success and if your project is big, the company will assign you a dedicated account manager.

Here is how clients review Optimizely:

optimizely reviews

There are various alternatives to choose but which will work best for your website is the question worth your time. Your website is your asset, hence every decision while re-designing it, must assure some results.

If the availability of Optimizely competitors and alternatives like Maxymiser, Monteate, SiteSpect confuses you then here is a post by Neil Patel which says that conducting A/A testing before A/B test is more productive. With it, you can conduct A/B testing tools comparison and know, which tool is good for you and which does not fit in your requirement box.

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For small businesses, e-commerce platforms, developers and agencies, it is a must to know which actions are yielding which kind of responses and results.

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Great Article. I read a lot about A/B testing in the past couple of days since my company is planning to redesign our existing website to enhance the user experience so we need to decide which layout will be better and we thought of relying on A/B test for this. But while reading this article I saw that FATbit provides FREE website analysis report as well, this according to me is an added advantage with testing tools. I registered for the same and got some amazing insights about our company website that helped me use my A/B test results more effectively. I came across something really valuable while reading your article so thanks for sharing 🙂

– Gloria
Digital Marketing Analyst