How to Use Snapchat for Marketing – Proven Tactics with Examples

How to Use Snapchat for Marketing – Proven Tactics with Examples


Snap – snap – snap. Snapchat has made more headlines than any other social network in past one year. Stories, geo-filters, spectacles – with its unique innovations, Snapchat has opened new gateways for marketers to engage users at a whole new level.

Like Facebook, Instagram, etc., Snapchat is not an all-purpose social media platform; yet the casualness & novelty of the platform and the short-shelf life of its content make it a favorite among users.

The ongoing buzz around this relatively new social network has made even the industry giant Facebook scratching its head, which recently implemented Snapchat’s story-like feature across all its social apps.

Besides innovative features, Snapchat’s constantly increasing user base also makes it a solid social platform for marketers to try their hands on. By the end of 2016, Snapchat’s monthly active user base has already reached 158 million.

How marketers can add Snapchat to their social media marketing strategy and leverage upon its innovative features to generate better customer engagement – here are some tips:

Give away Deals through Sponsored Stories

Brands offer discounts, gift vouchers, promo codes, etc. to lure customers. But how do you stand out, when all your competitors are doing the same. Using Snapchat can give you that edge.

The short shelf-life of content on Snapchat makes it a great medium for promoting giveaways & offers, as there is naturally a sense of urgency to the platform. Brands can create a series of snaps or sponsored stories for offered discounts & giveaways and share them with their target customers in the most organic way.

Sponser Snaps

Snapchat Competitions

Example: – GrubHub has set a great example to give away deals on Snapchat. Last year the brand hosted a week long scavenger hunt in which GrubHub posted a daily challenge for its Snapchat followers for a chance to win $50. Customers had to complete the particular task and send the picture back to GrubHub. 10 winners were declared in every challenge. During the contest, Grubhub’s fan following increased by 20%.

Snapchat is an ideal platform to organize such ongoing contest offers on social media.

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Shake hand with influencers

The casualness of Snapchat also makes it a powerful influencer marketing tool, as by nature, customers find it more trustworthy.

A regular promotional campaign on Snapchat generates a higher level of engagement than other social media platform. When it is coupled with a celebrity or a social influencer in the community, the results are bound to be better.

Snapchat Offer

snapchat Wetseal

Example: – Teen fashion retailer Wet Seal was one of the first brands to try influencer marketing on Snapchat. Wet Seal handed over its Snapchat account to a beauty Vlogger for a couple of days. Her life was documented & shared through Snapchat stories during those days, which involved her making cookies, playing with dog, going for a movie and also included a dress of the day that incorporated Wet Seal dresses. Within those couple of days, Wet Seal gained 9000 new followers and 6000 new views on their stories.

Share Behind the Scene Moments of Your Brands

Snapchat is the best platform to share unique and surprising content that your followers cannot find on any other social media network – such as video clips of product designing/ production work, brainstorm meetings, events, and other behind the scene moments. There is no pressure for going pixel-perfect in what you share on Snapchat, as the content won’t stick to your profile forever. Sharing clips of the events you have been to, the making of your products, company tours, etc. in Snapchat stories can help you connect with your target audience better.

Behind the scene snapchat

Example: -Popular brand Michael Kors used Snapchat very well during the New York fashion week. Michael Kors shared moments of the runway show with fans around the world. The content included snaps of designers, candid front-row shots, runway collection, backstage moments, after -party sneak-peek. Real-time sharing and limited lifespan of the snap kept the Snapchat audience on their toes.

Launch Products through Stories

One of the key benefits of using Snapchat for branding is that it lets you create free and informal videos. That makes it an ideal platform to share your product launches and short video tutorials on how to use your product. Being real-time & practical, this approach is one of the best ways to promote your product on social media as it allows personal interaction & helps you build deeper relation with customers. This is also a good way to get feedback from customers about your newly launched product.

Snapchat sunglasses filter

Example: – This is another example that includes the luxury designer brand Michael Kors, which strategically used Snapchat to increase the sale of its Kendall II sunglasses on National sunglasses day in June 2016. They created a custom Snapchat lens (corresponding to Kendall II Sunglass design) that could be superimposed on user’s face, allowing the shoppers to try the sunglasses virtually. The lens was viewed over a hundred million times.


If your brand has decided to be on board with Snapchat, make sure you plan your social media marketing campaign creatively and with out-of-the-box ideas. Snapchat features are not similar to other social media platforms, which makes marketing on it a unique practice. But on the other hand, the sense of personal connection that Snapchat provides makes it a more engaging platform, given you use it creatively.

By taking ideas from the examples mentioned above, you can easily be on your way to become a smart Snapchat marketer.

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