Universal Analytics is Not an Old Wine in a New Bottle


Selling anything from a hamburger to a gadget though not a rocket science yet amusingly takes a toll on the marketers. What got changed that’s turning the tables for them. What got made the customers buy intelligently & reasonably? Nothing fictitious or whimsical can lead the customers change their buying patterns.

What appears funny is thinking both marketers & customers attending the class about web supported modern living. Both are no longer handicap in actualizing what they long for. Every move of them is supported by insights gained from various quarters.

In the web space Google, the reservoir of information, is streamlining the information for years through its rivulet cum tool Google Analytics (GA). What has turned out to be new with this love of marketers i.e. GA, is the equipping of new & distinct abilities leading to turn it into Universal Analytics (UA).

UA will result in making the marketers’ love of teasing upon the customer’s senses more passionate through the campaigns they execute. Moreover, this time it will be due to more customized & niche insights about customer that remained missing in GA in its default-customized abilities, as nothing was there to be tuned as per marketers niche needs.

How to Set up Universal Analytics?

Various geeks keep many unanswered stimuli reveling in mind about the adoption of “Universal Analytics”. Such status quo of being in lurch is due to people being very much verbose about “Setting Up of Universal Analytics” & “Migrating to Universal Analytics”.

There is thread line difference in between them to understand but takes the eye of an eagle.

UA can be exacted in two ways:

  • Create a new account or a property.
  • Create a property within an existing account meant to be used exclusively for UA.

One too has the option of creating & using multiple UA properties in the account. Moreover, the data will appear in the assigned UA properties. In addition, the data will reach the same properties with the use of Measurement Protocol.

New UA is with New Functional Capabilities of the “Measurement Protocol (MP)” i.e.

a) New Data Collection Methods
b) Simplified Feature Configuration
c) Custom Dimensions & Metrics
d) Multi Platform tracking

New data collection methods will direct their synergies towards collection & organization of the received data to reach their respective Goggle analytics account.Data is of the interaction of the user with the brand on all marketing channels & through touch points like laptops, tablets, phones, or more.

Either Migrate to UA or Keep GA & UA at the Same Time

However, the new data collection method will make use of analytics.js opposed to the original ga.js code.

However, it is advisable to use both in concurrent to help maintaining the continuity of the first account. Therefore, till the time one needs to carry both GA & UA on the same account, the data for GA will reach ga.js GA property & UA data will reach analytics.js property. The full details can be found in the analytics.js development guide.

What’s New in Universal Analytics?

Apparent Benefits

  • UA will help GA become more user or customer centric than the visit centric.
  • Psychological behaviors of the visitors, an unexplored grey area with GA, get resolved with “Universal Analytics”.

Underneath Benefits

Customize Organic Search Sources – Find help in changing the old list of recognized search engines to help facilitating more data modification to create more understanding in research reports.

Search Term Exclusions – UA takes a toll on the search terms that one does not want to get reflected in one’s analytic account.

Referral Exclusions – Get equipped with the ability to exclude the referral traffic i.e. referring domain in the analytic account.

Multi Platform Tracking – Incorporation of data from offline sources cross-platform and mobile app analytics, are the new capabilities UA got equipped with.

Custom Dimensions and Custom Metrics – Freedom of choosing the dimensions, metrics on any individual account to do away with what GA offered as customized in default. Have niche level data attainment much beyond what was offered by GA in past for accurate & proximate view of the user activity & the performance of the business.

Mobile App Analytics- Gain the insights about what is being typed or searched about you through the apps employed on the mobiles.

Session and campaign timeout

Handling the “Session & Campaign Timeout” if seen in lighter mode will be like making the movie to come at a halt for intermission or end that used to rest with the discretion of one running the affair behind the walls.Now there will be nothing like standardized default “Session & Campaign Timeout” as happens to be 30 minutes for timeout session & 6 months for campaign end.

One will have now flexibility to change session as per one’s need from minimum 1 minute to maximum 4 hours.
On the lines of session timeouts, duration of campaign timeouts too may find the adaptation of change from minimum one day to 24 months.

Does Universal Analytics Affects SEO?

With the fantastic tool like “Universal Analytics”, the SEO efforts will get a boost with positive notes due to:

  • Availability of detailed report of website’s performance with niche details of the traffic.
  • Information about the traffic generated from which devices & in what numbers.
  • Collection of data with custom metrics & custom dimensions will help the collection of the data that was away from the reach even with GA.

Should people switch to UA, right now?

For the time being UA will remain to be a choice in relation to the creation of a new web property. One may opt to the current version of GA or may migrate to UA keeping in view one’s urgency or need. However, UA is inherently a new revamp to assist the stakeholders in fulfilling the interest to the optimum due to the various capabilities got attached with it.

UA should be seen as an effort to be proximate towards mind mapping of the customer in making choices. Unique features introduced in UA keep the momentum of changing the way of the collection of insights to help making better decisions to generate revenue even from unexpected quarters.

FATbit being a name to rest upon in relation to customized IT solutions, always strives to look for the new changes in technology wherever they occur. Various clients get benefitted considerably with our analytics reporting to gain valuable insights about their campaigns in current & those to be executed in future. Blog on the “Universal Analytics” is an attempt of ours of being responsive to client’s businesses that may be impacted by such changes. FATbit Technologies will continue writing on such new adaptations.

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