Top Online Resources to take your Start up from Peanut to Doughnut

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“As they say, starting a business can be exhausting, exciting and exhilarating-all at the same time! “

To become your own boss and take that leap of faith to start your own venture requires a lot of preparation, market research, analysis, strategic chart and definitely a mentor. Before you push out your start up business to the world, leveraging the benefits of online tools and resources is a strategic move and decision in itself. Some of the best online resources are easy and relatively inexpensive. They are incubators of great business drive.

Online resources – To have your start-up business up and running

Internet offers many exhaustive online resources to help you make better and well informed decisions about your just-launched business. These online resources could prove to be your virtual mentor. They cater towards Start-ups and small businesses and can prove to be an imperative lifeline to those on a shoe string budget.

Business Mentoring



Score – SCORE is a nonprofit association that is a resource partner of the SBA, helping entrepreneurs establish small businesses and grow existing ones. The website offers templates for financial statements and business plans. SCORE mentors deliver FREE, confidential, valuable advice for your business requirements. Whether you are a start-up or an existing business, Score mentors will help you reach customers and achieve your goals.



Entrepreneur – The website offers information on start-up fundamentals, and how-to-guides on topics such as structuring a business, raising capital, finding customers, hiring an attorney, and starting a business in a recession. It offers in depth and exhaustive kits on how to start a company in a variety of industries, ranging from restaurants to consulting firms.





LaunchSquad – A PR firm that insists on technology and leverages your business the next level branding. They work with companies to help them create their stories, strategies and holistic communications programs. They define it as a handcrafted PR.

500 Startups


500 Startups – With an ambition to bloat up start ups and making them a mammoth success, 500 start ups provides early stage companies with up to $250k in funding. A start up accelerator programme that comprises of hundreds of experienced mentors, offering seed investment and work space in Silicon Valley. Their venture advisors encourage them on the direction of their funding, investments, operations and more.




Webex – One of the best online resources around to increase your productivity and keep you connected, Webex is an online meeting software with advanced and progressive collaboration features that are perfect for teams who are geographically separated. It lets you collaborate with your colleagues across the planet or even your own office hallways.

Mocking Bird


Mocking Bird – It helps you quickly create mock ups and web pages. Endowed with an agile drag and drop interface, mocking bird wants to become the easiest and the friendliest wireframing tool on the marketplace.



EverNote – It is an intuitive note taking tool that allows you to quickly save ideas and snippets of web pages for offline viewing. All notes are backed up to the cloud and accessible across multiple devices.


Tech Cocktail


Tech Cocktail – A media venture and events organization for start up entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts, Tech cocktail helps them find employees, co founders, and funding. Start ups can expect a better informed, recognized and connected tech community.




LinkedIn – A social media networking site for professionals, allowing you to stay informed about contacts and industry, and connect with like minded individuals.

Web Application/Tools

Launch Rock


Launch Rock – It is just not an online portal, it’s a community of entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, and founders of all sorts from across the map. Launch rock is primarily a free web based application to quickly set up a ‘launching soon’ page, with heavy emphasis on social sharing.



WordPress – It is the most widely recognised free Content Management System. A Highly versatile application with abundant themes and plugins to alter aesthetics and functionality, WordPress is a great software script for Start ups and other web fanatics. It is not just a blogging system, but a holistic content management system since it is integrated with several widgets, themes and plugins.

You can also hire professional website designers if you wish to include custom features in your wordpress website or blog.



Prezi – It is a tool for creating stunning presentations, which are sure to stand out from the usual PowerPoint pitches. Prezi allows us to communicate design ideas with our clients in a highly engaging and dynamic way, liberating interesting conversations from the boredom of one-way presentations.” Randy Howder, Design Strategist, Gensler. Prezi’s open canvas helps you construct story arcs where visual contexts lead the viewer on a path of exploration.

Custom Presentation Designed & Developed by FATbit

As a presentation and branding expert, FATbit helps brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs in making a strong impact with Custom PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.




VideoScribe – create amazing marketing videos, instructional talks, add a visual to your talk or story, bring illustrations to life, show text, logos or photos and keep any audience captivated. For those with a shoestring budget it is a great tool for quickly creating animated and engaging videos for marketing, instructional purposes, company overviews and product demonstrations.

Design Contest


Design Contest – Create design contests for logos, web designs and more, and receive 100s of entries from talented designers. Great for buying a quality logo on a shoestring budget.

Market Research

Mail Chimp


Mail Chimp – Sending out emails could never get better. It is one of the best email marketing solutions around, integrated with easy to use tools to create signup forms and newsletter designs. And for all those who are eyeing to start up their new business idea, here’s a fact you would love to hear, more than 3 million people use MailChimp to design and send email marketing campaigns.



SurveyMonkey – One of the largest and most popular online survey tools in the world, Survey Monkey is a boon for start ups. Sending out free surveys, pools, questionnaires, customer feedback and market research was never this massive and easier. SurveyMonkey has its strengths, but there are plenty of great SurveyMonkey alternatives out there for you to consider for different needs.

Google Trends


Google Trends – A tool that gives fair overview about search terms, and what people are currently searching for. Great for inspiration and finding out how big the market is. Start ups listening?

While you strategize to launch your online start up, these resources could be of great help, but you certainly cannot eye past FATbit Technologies, a web solutions provider company which designs-develops-optimizes your website for best user experience and high conversion rate. FATbit is an extensive website that offers industry updates, market analysis, tips, trends and expert advice on how to take your ebusiness off the ground and why initial years for your ebusiness is critical. Because, when we say mentoring, FATbit means it. Make your start up BIG with us like never before!

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