Success Mantra Decoded for a Real Estate Listing Website

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With the buyers getting smarter day-by-day, online product and service providers have to change the way they sell. Real estate portals have become the newest example of how eCommerce has changed the way people rent, buy and sell properties. Within a span of few years, the home renting & sale websites catering Indian market has inspiring developers to launch real estate clone script with unique features in mind.

So, we thought of introducing our readers to unique features necessary for an advanced real estate listing website. Let’s get started then!

Website Overview

1. Top fold can feature service categories provided by the website in a grid arrangement with big photo icons for easy click navigation. The website can also update the navigation changing it from city wise search to category wise search.

2. We advise to have a minimal top navigation on homepage with just necessary options.

3. The rest of the page can include:

  • Contact number of site’s help desk.
  • Dedicated CTAs for List Property, Agents and a new section for home loans.
  • A counter for verified listings, listings added recently and number of happy home seekers.
  • Data Sciences Lab- personalized data analysis centre section for the website.
  • Mobile app section
  • Testimonials and media coverage.

4. To start property search, users need to select the category to search property under eg. Property for rent, for buying or a PG accommodation.

5. The property categories available with the website can include:

  • Rent
  • PG & Hostels
  • Buy
  • New Projects
  • Land
  • Plot Projects

6. After selecting the category the user can be provided with a set of filters to specify the city, location, BHK and rent range for a unified search of properties.

7. The search result page should not look very busy at first glance and also has to be user friendly and engaging. A full list of available properties opens with all the necessary details like BHK, Rent, Sector and property images.

8. The search section should allow users to shortlist properties by marking a star against it.

9. The Search results section should be available with 2 views:

  • Grid: All the properties listed in a grid arrangement without any map of the area.
  • Map(Default): It displays a list of properties on one side and 80% of the page is covered by a map of the area with all the properties in the area highlighted.

The fact that all the properties listed on the website are supported with photographs clicked verified by the platform which helps build high trust levels with the consumers.

There should not be any ads or disturbing pop ups in any of the sections, making property search a better experience for searchers. Your goal should be to create something that will simplify property search and inspire as well.

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Data Science – Game changer for any Real Estate Portal

One of the most innovative efforts that can add huge value to the portal is Data Sciences which provides the best possible use of data available with the website. The site can use the data to answer various queries for the customers. Following attributes of this section can make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Traffic Flux: This feature would let the user know which city is attracting more residents and which city are urban dwellers considering for their next home.
  • Heat Maps: The section can display heat maps of a selected city according to the filter selected. Price Heat Maps and Child Friendly Index gives visitors insight related to price and quality of regions for children.
  • Inventory Demand Supply: This section can provide the color coded map for clients to know what is the demand and supply of property in a particular area of a city.

You can also have other similar data powered features to help property buyers and sellers make an informed choice.

User experience focus

In the field of user experience, your platform needs to be a high scorer. The website browsing experience needs to be highly intuitive. Website’s focus should be property seekers and every website element has to be designed keeping them in mind the same. The following points can make it impressive from UX point of view:

  • Unique design carrying flat yet lively feel.
  • Easy and well planned navigation.
  • One click property submission from the top navigation.
  • One click requirement posting from the main navigation.
  • Property sorting on the basis of contact person i.e. Landlord or Broker.
  • Map integration for better location guidance.
  • High resolution property photographs, clicked and verified by the website.
  • Concise ‘Details’ section of each property with details on all furnishing and nearby amenities.
  • Commute and Neighborhood details integrated into maps with distance calculator for precise information.
  • Verified information about property dealer with photograph, contact details and access to his detailed profile.
  • Separate property dealer section with dealer verified profiles with contact details and photographs.

Making sure that your website visitors don’t have a hard time browsing your website is critical. That said, user experience is not the only thing that makes visitors stay. Read this post planned by our UX design experts to learn how to make your website visitors stay for longer durations.

Social media advantage

FATbit analysts recommend that any real estate portal should offer property sharing option via social media. The website should have a strong presence on major social media platforms.

We at FATbit are creating something similar with added features for Kazadu- a leading U.S. marketplace of real estate service providers and seekers. We are developing a unique social media integrated review system for the company to help their audience benefit from positive reviews.

So, if you planning to launch a real estate clone site, make sure you get the social angle right.
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Blog reach

Every real estate portal should have its own blog with some really interesting posts. These articles can be segmented under various categories to provide ease of search. The blog should have a good collection of content for people searching tips on buying or renting a property. Posts should be planned with search phrases and keywords in mind to generate traffic from Google.

A real estate platform can also use its blog to introduce users with new website features and achievements. In short, the property rent-&-sell website makes smart use of its website blog.

Pro tip – Just adding a blog section to a website will not guarantee loyal readership. Make sure the content being shared with the readers is unique, informative and adds some value to the products and services you provide.

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Mobile app mobility

To provide ease of search for mobile savvy property searchers, your website must launch a mobile app with smart filters & features. The application must maintain not only website’s look and feel but also ease of use.

We recommend to create a user centric platform that simplifies property search and helps visitors in making the best property buy and rent decision. If you are looking for a real estate listing clone script or want to create a property portal from scratch, don’t forget to implement these three suggestions; they will not only improve your prospects against market leaders but also give you an advantage over them.

We have been creating real estate portals and business solutions for almost a decade now and thus can confidently say that websites built on cheap website clone scripts & with zero customization have high chance of failure.

Build your real estate platform from scratch for long term cost & growth advantages. If you still think real estate listing website clone script is a better option and need information about the ones available in the market, request the same in the comment section.

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Disclaimer: The Blog has been created with consideration and care. We strive to ensure that all information is as complete, correct, comprehensible, accurate and up-to-date as possible. Despite our continuing efforts, we cannot guarantee that the information made available is complete, correct, accurate or up-to-date. We advise - the readers should not take decisions completely based on the information and views shared by FATbit on its blog, readers should do their own research to further assure themselves before taking any commercial decision. The 3rd party trademarks, logos and screenshots of the websites and mobile applications are property of their respective owners, we are not directly associated with most of them.

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