Stop Your Online Marketing Campaign & Start Website Analysis Instead


Online marketing can work wonders for offline as well as online businesses. It can:

  • Introduce your product or service to a new set of audience.
  • Improve online presence.
  • Improve brand engagement.
  • And most importantly, multiply sales and business leads.

Brands invest in online marketing for above listed advantages. Actually, most do it to multiply product sales & business leads.

Sadly, a major chunk of business owners are deprived of what they really want because of one reason.

That is, website issues.

We have seen various instances where businesses complain that they invested thousands of dollars in online marketing but results were unimpressive. After analyzing online marketing work of such aggrieved parties, we couldn’t blame their marketing partners either.

The problem was with website.

Confused how a website can make online marketing work redundant?

Let us elaborate with an example

Ms. Rosemary owns a flower shop and wants to generate online orders from nearby regions. She already owns a business website created by a friend of hers. She decides on a budget of $1000/per month and hires a marketing agency.

3 months pass but online orders have still not seen a significant jump.

Most will say that marketing guys didn’t do their job. The issue however is something else.

The problem lies in the website and many other factors associated with it. We tried to cover the most important ones for you:

Poor website UX drives away visitors

bad website UX

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend to market a website that offers poor user experience, it will never perform as per expectations. Let’s continue the example of Ms. Rosemary.

Reaching the catalog of flowers on offer is difficult because it’s not present in the main navigation bar. Website takes too long to load because of all the videos and images.

All such points make the website rank low in user experience and make people leave rather than purchase. Learn more about website UX

Bad conversion funnel leads to low sales

Even God can’t save a website with bad conversion funnel. For those who are not aware of the term, it is the path through which sales happen. If there are issues in the funnel that are stopping potential buyers from becoming actual buyers, then, no amount of marketing investment can make any difference.

For instance, if you will make people fill a lengthy form to buy a product, then, there is a fair chance many would leave without completing the process. Out-of-stock issues after completing the whole process also infuriates buyers.

So, a website with such glaring conversion issues cannot generate maximum torque from online marketing efforts.
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Poor site design means poor brand building

A poor website design doesn’t make a great impression on website visitors. In case you have started an online shop, then, a bad design will neither evoke confidence nor convince buyers to make a purchase. If you are dealing in professional services, then, potential clients will see dull design as lack of professionalism.

A bad website does more damage than having no website at all. It also sends out the wrong message about your brand.

Bad site optimization leads to poor performance on search engines

website optimization

A website with engaging text and quality images pleases our eyes. However, Google needs more than just great looking design to feature your website on its results page. This is where website optimization comes in.

A website designed for only human eyes cannot perform on search engines and thus generate limited online marketing benefits.
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Call to action and landing page issues on website can also make your online marketing efforts redundant.

We think we have made a convincing case for scanning your website before investing on online marketing but we doubt most of you will still not do it.

So, here are some more reasons for you. Go for website checkup before online marketing because:

  • It will not take much time.
  • It will save you money.
  • It will generate maximum online marketing benefits.

The best thing is that you can do it on your own! Just read this blog post to discover if your website sucks or not.

Don’t feel like reading? We can help you with that.

Just share your website link with us and our team of website analysts will tell you what’s wrong with it. Did we tell you we do it for free?

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