Secrets of Viral Video Marketing – How Banco Sabadell Flashmob Got 24m+ Views?


How do you think a banking & financial services group would celebrate 130th year anniversary? Top guesses would certainly be an overdramatic television commercial and bonus for employees. But that’s not what Spain’s fourth-largest banking group did.

Banco Sabadell called in the orchestra.

Last year, the company organized flash mob like performance to pay homage to the Sabadell city and got 24,029,599+ views on Youtube, viral video distribution and online coverage. Here is the video;

While the company created an emotional bond with local community & customers, it also caught the imagination of web community. Besides smiles and pride, the musical act illustrated in the viral video also carried some viral video marketing strategies.

Our marketing experts indentified some in the viral video popular on social media. So, here are the best viral video marketing tips you can pick from the success of We Are Sabadell;

Plan every detail

Whether you are offline or online, planning is the key. On studying the video carefully, you will notice that entry of every member is graceful, performance carefully choreographed and every gesture charming. Passersby naturally joined in the party.

Lesson to pick – Give a thorough look to everything associated with your campaign whether online or offline. Also think from viewer’s point of view if you want to go viral of Facebook.

Planning is must for your social media marketing campaigns

Bring in the emotions

The choice of song is worth applause. “Ode to Joy”, written by German poet Friedrich Schiller in 1785, and used by Beethoven in his ninth symphony already had an appeal with local public. Being part of the Beethoven Setting which was later adopted as the anthem of Europe was an advantage worth acknowledging.

Lesson to pick – Sometimes, it pays to forget the marketing part and focus on creating something worth remembering. Only such video works have the caliber to be counted as viral marketing video examples.


World would have been deprived of performance’s beauty if the crew hadn’t done such a brilliant job with the camera. Capturing the emotions of the assemblage, excited children, and curious onlookers added to the charm of the video.

Lesson to pick – Doing a great job with the graphics and visual aspects adds to the viral factor on social platforms. So, if you are wondering ‘how to go viral on Youtube’, then, pay special attention to the visuals of your online campaign.

Arrange initial audience

It is always good to have an initial audience. In case you think the hundreds gathered outside the bank premises was not a big number, then, here is a fact;

Banco has 13, 662 Youtube subscribers and engaged web audience.

Lesson to pick – Spreading the message on web is easy if you have an initial audience. In case you don’t have it, make sure your campaign gets featured somewhere your target audience is already present. Viral video marketing companies get paid for such insights.

Time it to perfection

The bank couldn’t have chosen a better time for celebrating its 130th anniversary. People were out with their children, taking a stroll and enjoying the good weather under the sun. The unexpected orchestra was just cherry on top.

Lesson to pick – Timing is critical for online as well as offline marketing. Especially on platforms like Twitter, posting time can made a huge difference in responses.

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Online transition

If Som Sabadell were to be credited for only one thing, we would vote for how well it handled the transition from offline to online. The video was shot beautifully, and marketing pitch evoked emotional response. The theme of music made it even more sharable on web.

Lesson to pick – Don’t follow the established norms when it comes to online marketing. The bank planned offline homage to the city and smartly took the whole experience online.

By keeping the above lessons in mind, you can add more firepower to your offline-online marketing campaigns. While Sabadell’s campaign was aimed at improving mind recall, you can also generate direct business and sales through smart banner advertising and PPC campaigns.

Above points will help you learn how to make a viral marketing video.

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