Piktochart Best Infographic Tool: Reviews, Feedback and Alternatives


Recently, in a post on visual assets, Rand (Moz Founder & CEO) discussed about infographics, which happen to be the ongoing marketing trend of web industry. Following that, we have analyzed few infographic services that help people create info-graphs and Piktochart gained our focus for being popular as a representative of such tools.

The best way to showcase information these days is through graphics and visuals but what makes them shareable and go viral is the extent to which they are customized, distinct and have a unique idea. Everyone has an estimation regarding custom and template based infographic designs, some may like to depend on free services while others might find custom infographic design companies a better alternative. So, this post is a cluster of opinions that will tell you more about:

  1. Why Infographics are useful?
  2. Why Piktochart is the best tool for infographics?
  3. How hiring dedicated designers is worth your money, as compared to using a tool?

Before we study Piktochart reviews and alternatives, let us view what makes Infographics and data visualization more popular over the last year or two. The reasons for this are –

  • Online visitors have short attention Span, thus grabbing users’ attention through an infographic is easier.
  • Infographics are easy to understand, as images are more understood than words.
  • Reading Retention is more because visuals leave betters imprints on mind
  • Due to a visual appeal, they are more engaging

When Penguin is there looking for artificial link building, to secure high ranks on SERPs – you need natural link building. Natural link building happens when people are talking about you, which requires walking extra mile for your website visitors, doing something exceptional for them and presenting them information creatively. Infographics help doing it – KOOOL way

People Love Sharing Infographics and it acts as a positive point to market product & services. You can highlight your distinct features and benefits by putting that data only on a graphical chart. This is the best way of getting your users attention and Piktochart tops the list when it comes to developing shareable Infographics.

What is Piktochart?

Piktochart was established in 2012, as an Infographic developing platform and received notable attention for its simple and presentable graphs. Piktochart Infographics are acknowledged for their spreadable tendencies and its 420,000 global users vouch for this fact. It offers:

  • Custom backgrounds and color schemes.
  • Communicable charts that are interactive.
  • Easy selection of images, icons and symbols with an intuitive design & menu.
  • Choice of converting and using Infographics as presentations.
  • More than hundred themes and 4000 graphics.
  • Ease of using spreadsheet entries on charts i.e. copy, paste, cut.
  • Embed Piktochart graphics to user’s website and earn points on search engine scale too.

Even a newbie can make use of Piktochart templates and create graphics that share good deal of information too. It offers personalization options to serve the individual needs of small-large-medium businesses and education world. You need no Illustrator or Photoshop, to create an informational picture graph, after choosing Piktochart.

What do custom Infographics by Piktochart offer?

  • Infographics of 600 X 2000 pixels.
  • Three revisions to make it better.
  • All rights reserved for reselling and publishing the final product.
  • Easy & high resolution export to major file types (Jpeg, PDF and PNG).


There are various such online platforms that you would find offering similar technology but if you experience them closely, you would end up realizing that they offer services not solutions. Few of the leading names in the list of Piktochart alternatives involve infogr.am, visual.ly, infographicjournal.com. Thus, hiring dedicated designers is unavoidable for getting apt solutions for online design collaterals. Designers are trained professionals who understand market view and relevance of a picture graph and do the needful. Here are few other benefits that a tool cannot offer you but a company can:

  • Online services like Piktochart or visual.ly are based on Do it yourself solutions, which do not work when you require multiple Infographics.
  • Creating best designs and to meet the promotional needs frequently is difficult as it demands more time and attention, on the other hand, hiring a design firm saves your resources.
  • Infographic tools offer templates, which are used by others too. It ruins your uniqueness and even if you go for customizing option then too, you have to pay for that, which brings the cost equal to what expert design companies charge.

What makes FATbit Infographics Design service different from the rest?

  • We offer Unique Tailor-made Infographic Designs for each of our clients to help them achieve Distinctive Branding in the online space.
  • All the source files are delivered to client after final payment with Full Ownership and Copyright.
  • With an Industry Experience of 9+ Years we understand the market better and are committed to deliver the Best Solutions.
  • We offer a Variety of Packages to cater to different industry requirements and make available the option to get the content written from our specialized team of Seasoned Content Writers as well.
  • We always work with a special focus on Customized Conceptualization to deliver an Exclusive Infographic every time in collaboration with our clients to take their inputs.

To know more about our service, work done so far and the process that we follow check our Infographic Design Service
Getting exceptional Infographics is just a click away
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Talk to FATbit if:

  • Engaging users with presentable information is your motto.
  • If visual appeal that makes sense to users is your idea of selling.

Hire professionals, if you feel perplexed to choose the best channel to present your information impressively. Our team of design experts and researchers will review your business and offer needful assistance.

Get In Touch If Your Infographic Deserves Personalized Design Approach And Flawless Execution.

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I am personally very fond of infographics. I think they are the best way to share information online. They are engaging, interesting and in one go you understand what is being conveyed, it saves time too. I share a lot of infographics as part of my marketing campaign but some where I feel infographics are losing their charm because of excessive use of templates. There are other companies using the same template as you used and there is no uniqueness left. I feel custom infographics based on a creative concept will give you the required edge over others. I am definitely bookmarking you guys for my next infographic assignment.

Look forward to working with you


Info-graphics are way to easy to build and are really interesting for conveying a message or letting people know what is your business is all about.

Elida Windsor

Everything is very open with a clear clarification of the issues. It was definitely informative. Your site is very useful. Thanks for sharing!