Penguin 2.0 Bomb Will be Dropped Within Weeks – Matt Cutts

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Webmasters, time has come to brace yourself.

In a recent video and tweets, Matt Cutts, head of web spam at Google, has confirmed that Penguin 2.0 will arrive very soon, and it is going to be a big deal.

In the seven minute video in which he addressed various web related issues, the biggest revelation was surely the arrival of Penguin within next few weeks.

While Matt discussed various other topics such as link analysis, hacksite detection and webmaster assistance, discussion forums are only abuzz with threads related to what will happen on the day of its arrival.

The outcry is quite obvious considering what happened when Penguin made contact for the first time.

However, it would be wrong to indulge in name calling with folks at Google in mind. Roll back the clock some years and you would know.

Can’t recall? Well, let us help you with it.

Not long ago, webmasters heavily exploited search engines by using black hat SEO tactics to gain business advantage. Link farms, keyword stuffing, cloaking, duplicate content and many such ills were rife, completely spoiling the search experience of common searcher. Google updates stopped the music for such tricks.

In the video, Matt clearly says that their updates are not going to touch someone who has a great website that people love, share and bookmark. So, the idea to take home is that if you are thinking about your target audience and reaching out to them in a genuine manner, no Panda, Penguin or Tyrannosaurus is going to touch you.

Matt also says that his team is making continuous efforts to help webmasters in need and there are various other projects underway that focus on enhancing search experience. He confided that the earlier versions were tiny as compared to the 2.0 and it will affect search results in a big way.

So, the bottom-line is that Penguin 2.0 is going to be common very soon. If your SEO strategy revolves around black hat practices, it is time to stop and think. Partner with SEO specialists that hold the track record for working in accordance to Google Webmaster Guidelines.

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