Mobile Landing Pages – How to make the most of them?


The increasingly diverse internet population has made way to a swift progress in mobile web users. Mobile internet is the new tinsel town gossip that is supposed to take over desktop in the coming years. Largely because of its portability and customisability, mobile user subscribers have touched 5.9 billion and almost 87% of the world population. Do you still have doubts?

About 86% of the mobile users use internet from their devices instead of other modes. Mobile practitioners have reformed the way technology has evolved in the recent years. Websites are also accessed on mobiles and social media or businesses weren’t this dynamic ever. Now that we are already on mobile websites, let’s share what’s real significant here. When we surf any website, the various links take you to landing pages. And it is highly pivotal for web designers and web development companies to make sure that the landing pages are optimized enough to attract users even through mobile devices.

How? Here are some greatly tested tips for making a successful landing page mobile friendly:

“According to reports, about 88% of mobile searches take action in 24 hours and about 70% within an hour of searching”

Hence make your mobile version of the website really impactful.

  • You need to be available at all times. Your website must be accessible with mobile friendly alternatives like HTML5, jQUERY, JPG, GIF image formats. Stats say around 40% of the visitors turn to a rival’s site after a bad mobile experience.
  • Optimize your mobile website for speed. If your website doesn’t load fast, your visitors will perhaps not acknowledge it. Being a web developer or as a responsible enterprise, you must consider the important slowdown factors like number of requests for loaded images or scripts, and number of bytes. Hence just be very strategic. Try diminishing scripts, resize mobile optimized images, apply CSS, and integrate mobile web performance optimization tips. About 43% according to sources will never return to a website that loads slow.
  • Avoid using flash for it is not compatible with all mobile devices. Keep it limited to desktops and integrate mobile friendly applications, so that your website supports it.
  • Create a separate version for your mobile website and ensure to create categories and navigation absolutely intuitive and uncluttered.
  • Trim, cut and reduce. Screen sizes vary and hence your landing page possibilities will be tweaked quite a lot. Screen size variations will be reduced to 65% for tablets and 35% for cellphones. Landing page content should also be discussed and planned much in advance.
  • It is important to make sure that your font size is also ideal and open without zooming. About 16 pixels for a minimum font size and 100% default for browsers.
  • Be thumb friendly.
  • Landing page forms for mobile should be extremely short.
  • Make the purpose of your page compelling and obvious for intriguing more and more customers.
  • You number should be readable at the top. If your visitors are convinced they should have your number handy on the mobile site to give you a call right away.

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