Marketing With Cookies Is Old And Out.  Start With Device IDs For High ROI

Marketing With Cookies Is Old And Out. Start With Device IDs For High ROI

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As the world of technology has witnessed a quick paced evolution, cookies are no longer the mightiest tool in a marketer’s arsenal. The advent of technology has introduced a major game changer in the world of targeted marketing: Device IDs.

Device IDs bring marketers one step closer to their target audience in a more effective and fruitful manner.

Device ID acts as a fingerprint for each and every mobile device out there. Every smartphone and tablet has a unique combination of alpha-numeric sequence that sets it apart from other devices.

When we talk about the two major mobile device players in the market, Apple devices have IDFA (Identity for Advertisers) while Android has GPS ADID (Google Play Services ID for Android).

How Device ID Helps in Effective Marketing?

In comparison to cookies, Device IDs generate better results for business owners and marketers.

Cookies work on one IP and system. But you can’t be sure enough whether one desktop or laptop is used by only one person or multiple people. Different people look for different things on the internet, and thus cookies can’t let you make a clear cut strategy.

Device IDs, on the other hand…

Aid in Better User Understanding

Since each mobile device has its own device ID, marketers will be able to boil down their target users’ activities in a better way. This will further help in segregating the end users and design a better and clearer marketing strategy for approaching them with a more enticing and engaging content.

Identify Real and Verified Users

Instead of looking at what happens on an IP address, marketers can easily match a consumer’s data  with the device they use. As we mentioned earlier, cookies can’t do segregation efficiently, they also prove to be ineffective in one more scenario: internet bots.

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Whenever an internet bot creates a fake impression, cookies are unable to detect it and thus a marketer pitches the product/service. Pitching an ad to a bot, while an innocent mistake, leads to a futile effort and ad fraud.

A device Id comes in handy here as it helps in locating a real user. Real device, real people, approached through real ads and good content; the perfect recipe for good and fruitful marketing!

Approach People Where They Are

Instead of sending ads in bulk, Device IDs enable marketers to send ads that are personalized and reach customers where they are found most frequently: their mobile devices.

A study conducted by the Neilson Group says that 89% of the total time on smartphones is spent on apps.Approaching them through appropriate and relevant in-app ads can help you engage them, and achieving this is best possible through Device Ids.

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Help in Better Conversions

Device Ids take away the uncertainty of end user being a bot or the wrong target. Moreover, given the fact that Device IDs give you a clear picture of what your target audience is looking for on the internet, you can create a highly customized campaign that can grab their attention right from the first glance. When done right, Device ID based marketing campaigns lead to better conversions.

Deterministic Matching

Instead of relying on the guessing game where you broadcast your marketing campaign and wait for a probable outcome. Device ID allows marketers to know what the end users are searching for. This leads what marketers call a deterministic match, where you can monitor and analyze your target audience’s purchase journey and create a relevant campaign.


Although cookies have been helping marketers make personalized marketing campaigns to an extent, they always left a room big enough for ambiguity and various probabilities. Keeping tabs on the search queries on a given IP address led to wasted ad campaigns due to bots and wrong ad receivers.

Tapping on Device IDs has transformed this scenario completely. It gives marketers an opportunity to reach customers where they are, understand customer behavior and approach them with a more personalized and engaging message. Technology is aiding us more than ever before; you just need to look in the right places.

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