Latest Google PageRank Update – December 6, 2013 Shocker for Matt Cutts!

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In Google headquarters, there seems to be a conflict of interest when it comes to Google PR update. December 6, 2013 witnessed the latest Google PR update and probably it also came as a shock to Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam.

The last Google PR update came on February 4, 2013. Considering the PR updates have been quite frequent in the past, webmasters grew curious about the long gap. During our research, we came across a tweet addressed to Matt Cutts that enquired whether there will any PR update before 2014 or not. To this, Matt replied by saying that he would surprised if that happened.

Here is the snapshot;

At various occasions, the head of search spam has indicated that PageRank is not a major part of his search vision. Below are few reasons for the same;

  • Webmasters don’t find the tool very helpful and some even consider it outdated.
  • There is no tool bar available for Chrome
  • Google dropped the toolbar from Firefox in 2011
  • Internet explorer is the only browser to still have PageRank display offered by Google

Because of the popular perception and highlighted points, the recent PR update came as a shock. Earlier this day, Matt sent a rather strange tweet explaining the PR update.

Here it is;


It looks like Google management is not yet done with the PageRank and wants it around for some unknown profitable reason. Matt on the other hand seemed in damage control mode due to the detour, making webmasters suspicious.

It is known fact that PageRank plays a very tiny role in determining your search engine position. Hence, there is no point in spending precious time in creating your SEO strategy around it.

Modern SEO focuses on conversion, user experience and search presence. Higher page rank is not going to increase your website sales and number of repeat visitors.

As online marketing experts, we suggest our clients to spare as little time as possible in studying such tools and focus on creating strategies that help in targeting relevant search queries and increase website traffic.

What do you think is the reason Larry Page doesn’t want PageRank to go away? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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stu walker

Confirmed , my sites went up yesterday . I have 4 new ones that was at 0 and now are mostly PR1 but also PR2… Update has happened