Larry Page’s I/O Conference Gig – Hidden Lessons for Web Marketers to Pick


Everything was going smooth on the first day of Google I/O Conference.

6000 enthusiastic developers in San Francisco were listening to their technology gods without blinking an eyelid and millions others were viewing the live stream.

Then, Larry Page arrived.

Co-founder and present CEO of Google Inc. took tech world by surprise by literally hijacking the stage for almost an hour. Besides taking potshots at Microsoft and Oracle, Larry also oversaw the introduction of new music-streaming service and mobile-app store for educators. The 40 year old geek-god also boasted about how more than 900 million devices are presently running on Android mobile OS.

Larry’s appearance, especially after sharing his vocal-cord ailment a day earlier on Google+, made I/O Day 1 dominate digital tabloids. While these are the highlights, a lot more happened on that eventful day.

Here are the few crunchy facts from WSJ;

  • Google’s share price crossed $900, settling for $915.89 at the end of the day.
  • Company’s market capitalization crossed $300 billion

Both benchmarks were reached for the first time, and strangely it happened when Larry occupied the stage. Now, let’s get to the marketing lessons that were hidden in his 1 hour surprise appearance;

Lesson 1 – Communicate With Your Audience

Larry doesn’t have a reputation for representing the company on such events. He missed I/O conference last year and also company’s 2012 annual meeting. However, when he finally did made an appearance, the company benefited in multiple ways.

It is important to maintain personal interaction at some level with target audience. KISSmetrics co-founder, Neil Patel does this very nicely while selling his products and consultation services. Larry too did the same and saw his company shares grow.

You obviously don’t need to have a big shot conference to market yourself. There are blogs, social media and various other ways. Just go ahead with a plan.

Lesson 2 – Create Hype

Larry sharing the sad news of his vocal cord paralysis on Google+ just a day before taking the I/O conference stage seems a bit scripted but there is no reason justifying that. The strange coincidence made Larry’s name trend even before he took the stage for big announcements. While we obviously don’t mean it was all part of a well thought marketing strategy, that’s exactly what creates ripples for brands.

Creating brand hype around global events is a time-tested phenomenon. Last Olympics was object of fascination for various small US businesses and some build on the hype very deftly.

So, the bottom line is that Larry didn’t do it but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

Lesson 3 – Choose the right stage

Larry chose the most happening event in technology circles for the most unexpected address. He also said in front the packed crowd that he should have done it sooner. The stage was right for him and he made his point to the Google investors and stakeholders. The message was loud and clear, and it was surely that he still carries the ability to propel the company ahead.

As a web entrepreneur, your goal should be to find the platforms that your target audience frequents, and using them to make a strong statement. Such websites can be related to social media, forums, news sharing or any other field for that matter.

Quick Summary

Larry Page made a strong statement at I/O conference, and most importantly he had something for everyone;

  • For Google users, he had new products and upgrades
  • For investors, he had strong leadership message
  • For journalists, he had a good piece to write about
  • For you, he had some good marketing lessons

All in all, he hit a home run and all sides won.

Your web marketing strategy can surely take a lesson or two from Larry’s gig for wider reach and results.

FATbit e-marketing team is tracking every I/O 2013 session and will keep bringing detailed marketing analysis, insights, and findings. Stay tuned with FABlog for further I/O related updates.

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