Internet vs. Traditional Marketing – 10 Points to Settle the Battle

Internet vs. Traditional Marketing – 10 Points to Settle the Battle


Over $135 billion were spent globally on ads displayed on internet enabled devices in 2014. This lone fact is enough to prove that companies have started allocating budgets for internet marketing separately. But still, television, radio, and print ads consume major chunks of companies’ advertising money. This however will change in years to come.

If you were to bet on ‘Online marketing versus traditional marketing’, then, FATbit team of online marketers highly recommend you to go for internet marketing. Trust us because we have 10 solid points, stats & facts to prove why web marketing will win against traditional marketing.

Let’s get kicking!

Internet marketing is cost effective

Internet marketing and advertising services are gaining popularity amongst small and medium businesses because of this very factor. While big brands can certainly run back-to-back television and radio ads, SMEs have to watch their pockets. This cost factor is making marketers favor web marketing over traditional marketing.

Sure television ads will keep on its behemoth share in ad spending but the rate of growth is in favor of internet enabled devices.

Time and frequency

You can make your ad appear every other minute on vast range of television or radio networks but it is going to cost you a nuclear bomb (at least television ads will). Internet ads, depending whether you go for Google AdWords or banners, can be as frequent as you want.

While established businesses can opt to go aggressive and target multiple online advertising channels, SMEs can cap frequency and play the game with limited budget.


Tracking of campaign performance

TRPs can give an idea of your campaign popularity but let’s not forget that its findings are based on sample data. Online ad campaigns on the other hand have better performance measuring parameters. While running internet marketing campaigns online, advertisers can see:

  • Source of traffic (location)
  • Amount of traffic (number)
  • End conversions

Campaign changes can be made as per performance to generate better PPC results. This flexibility is making internet marketing fascinating for marketers across the world. This is one of the biggest advantages of internet marketing over traditional marketing.

Highly targeted audience

Internet is quickly becoming synonym for effective marketing as it helps companies across the world reach their exact audience base at much less investment. Want to target young audience? Invest in social media channels like Instagram. Interested in connecting with mature women? Partner with women centric blogs.

If internet is a world in itself, then, its countries are made of people with particular demographics, tastes, and preferences. This however is true for traditional marketing mediums as well but the demarcation is stronger with internet.

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Life of marketing material

Ads will last until you are paying the channel. This is true for traditional marketing as well as web marketing. But web looks more promising in the internet marketing vs. traditional marketing when you consider life of marketing materials like blogs, graphics, and videos.

A great blog post that mentions your brand will generate business and branding advantages for many years to come. Such marketing material if planned in consultation with experienced internet marketing agency will generate long term benefits.

Need focused marketing

A viewer might be watching your television ad but there is no guarantee that he is interested in your product. The same is true with radio and print media advertisements. Internet however offers marketing channels that actually cater to a need. Ads surrounding search engines are the perfect example. Let’s explain this with an example:

You deal in modern Italian furniture, and want to connect with people searching furnishings on internet. All you need to do is start running ads through Google AdWords and your marketing pitch will appear in front of buyers. Traditional marketing cannot accomplish this.

Free marketing mediums


When it comes to benefits of internet marketing over traditional marketing, the free factor excites beginners the most. You can blog about your products, market your services on social media, and even create a website for free to impress your customers. In traditional marketing, money makes the world go around.

That said, you need a well-thought plan to get maximum mileage from your online marketing efforts. This is the reason why business owners and companies consult online marketing experts before starting the marketing work.

Easier management

To run full blown campaigns on traditional marketing channels, you need a dedicated team working by your side. Even if you only want a small ad in newspaper, you will have to visit the office for sharing ad details. Internet marketing has simplified all this. You can manage all the campaign details from the comfort of your home within few clicks or phone calls.

Still not convinced? We still have more web marketing points over traditional marketing.

Growing internet usage

Internet will hit 3 billion users by the end of 2015. In another 3 years, half of the world’s population will have access to internet. Businesses and marketers realize this, and that’s why they are making their web marketing budgets bigger every year.

Even media companies across the world are investing in web properties to become part of the internet focused future. So, what are you waiting for? Explore free and paid internet marketing options.

Mobile reach


‘Future is mobile’ might be cliché but listen to this, 83% of the internet usage will happen from mobiles by the end of 2015. Traditional marketing mediums are not presently prepared for mobile revolution that will only gain pace over time.

Internet brands like Amazon and OLX opted for traditional ads only after making their mark with online marketing. This however doesn’t mean internet marketing is already bigger than traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing is the giant of marketing world. Internet advertising will still take some time to cover the head start of its old sibling. But in the marathon race, internet marketing will eventually come out as winner.

While we have proved the winner of web marketing vs. traditional marketing, our team of online marketers will love to hear your thoughts.

Share your opinion and let’s start a discussion.

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This is a straw man. Marketing principles transcend specific marketing vehicles. The question might better be posed Offline vs. Online, but that’s still a silly argument, because attribution is often blurred, especially with heavily branded companies.


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