Instacart Changing its Business Model | Makes Contracted Part Time Employees


Instacart, a leader in the on-demand grocery delivery marketplace is making alterations in its business model. Since its launch in year 2012, Instacart has been in news for all good reasons. This time again, it seems to be doing good things for its contracted personal shoppers by offering them a part time employment with the company.

According to the sources, Instacart is already trying the part time employment model for its contracted shoppers in Boston. Looking at the success of this model, Instacart is all set to roll out the part time employment offer to its personal shoppers in Chicago followed by other cities in near future.

Recently, Instacart had divided its workforce into 2 segments namely shoppers and delivery guys. The shoppers who are stationed at superstores receive orders on their smartphone and manually shop for listed items in the order. The order is then handed over to the delivery guy who delivers it at the customer’s doorstep. It is the shoppers who will be getting a part time employment offer with Instacart and the delivery guys remain to be on contracted terms. However, the company has not made it compulsory for all shoppers to accept the part time employment offer. But according to Instacart, most of them would accept the offer.

Apoorva Mehta, founder and CEO of Instacart said that shoppers need training as they have to hand pick the best items for an order. Instacart would be giving shoppers a good salary according to the market and will do the best to retain their shoppers.

Image Credits: Chron

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