Increase Online Sales via Conversion Funnel Optimization

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Your goal to gain more conversions is no more a farfetched dream, as with Conversion rate optimization (CRO), you can catch it quite easily. Following the best practices in conversion rate optimization is the safest and easiest way to make more money online. Even stats prove that applying Conversion rate optimization (CRO) tips offers a significant and visible hike in your online conversions.

CRO is nothing but a well devised strategy to create an online experience that removes all the hindrances faced by your landing page visitor and eventually helps you increase your online sales and earn more money. By making little changes to your website you can offer your visitors a definite way to reach the conversion funnel. Here is a 25 points Conversion rate optimization (CRO) checklist that would put more light on how you can boost the conversion rate for your own website. Have a look on them to do away with any doubts regarding Conversion funnel Optimization.


Testimonials work to build trust by showing that other people have used and recommended what the company is offering.  They add to the website’s social reputation as well. Testimonials must be placed such that they are clearly visible. Testimonials act as a word of mouth marketing strategy and if done right they can be incredibly effective for your business.

Recent studies have indicated that “By adding testimonials on the top of their home page Wikijob was able to boost its conversions by 34%”.

Tip: Try a dynamic testimonial strategy like using a “video testimonial” or a “different way to display testimonials” rather than a plain testimonial page to increase conversions.


This is just an example from FATbit experts, feel free to innovate improvise your unique idea to display testimonials on your website. If you need advice our conversion rate optimization service might help.

Call to Action

No matter how compelling your copy is, if you don’t make it easy for your visitors to click on something they will never get to know. Your CTA must be prominent, easily visible and must be repeated after regular intervals. Remember that one color will not fit for all. Simple formula is that Call to Action must stand out amongst rest of the content to get more clicks.

As per stats shown in a button color test, changing the button color from Green to Red can increase the conversion by 21%.

Call to Action

Tip: Synchronization among text and colors of your web page and CTA can help reinforce the message you want to instill in visitors.

Action oriented copy

Your content must always talk about solutions to solve the problem that the visitor is facing. Content relevancy plays a very crucial role in conversion optimization. Your heading, sub heading, title, body must all be consistent and leading towards one common action.

Making your copy action oriented can get you almost 93% more conversions.

Tip: Always leave clues in your copy that keep prompting visitors to take the desired action.

Updated design

The key purpose of design is to focus visitor’s attention on the conversion funnel and facilitate conversions. With time you must keep updating your design to make it unique, relevant and specific to your goal.

Stats show that Skype was able to increase the number of downloads by 5% after updating their home page design.

Tip: Regularly test your web pages and keep optimizing it because no matter how much you have optimized it is never enough.

Information architecture

Make sure that your visitors see what you want them to see first. Make sure you remove all the clutter and your most valuable content is placed where the visitors actually look. You can make use of different eye tracking tools to check this. Always ensure that your information is showcased in an orderly way with benefits standing out among the rest of the content.

By changing the look and feel of the website and content layout according to what customers expected an e commerce website got 129% increase in its conversions.

Tip: Try to follow the conventional way, to be unique is great but if your website is too flashy you might end up confusing your visitors.

Registration form

If your conversion goal is to get more leads you must pay close attention to the information capturing form. Make sure you ask for only relevant information from your visitors. Adding unnecessary questions in your form would only add to confusion and ultimately visitors might leave your page because it takes too long to fill the form. Short forms might not necessarily work for you; always test different form sizes and fields to check what gives you the optimum result.

As per studies by eliminating one field from its form Expedia was able to increase its profit by $12 million.

Tip: Make sure you don’t crowd your form, keep it simple, clean and inviting with a lot of white space around it.

Conversion Form

This is a form used by FATbit which is simple and with a lot white space to make it inviting.

Website load time

Slow site speed not only affects your user experience but also your conversions. Studies have revealed that 40% visitors will abandon a website that takes more than 3 secs to load. Nobody would like to wait for your website to load especially when it is too easy for them to navigate to your competitor’s website.  So optimizing your website speed to increase conversions has become a necessity.

The web browser giant Mozilla Firefox optimized its landing page to reduce the loading time. This increased the download conversions by 15.4%.

Tip: 47% visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 secs, so that should be your target.

Social Sharing

Social sharing buttons can also have a massive effect on your conversions. Though the placement will always be a prime area to work on. Many websites have the icons placed in the left side as a chicklet version but it totally depends how you want to do it. They must be clearly visible to your visitors.

By making social sharing icons more visible, AMD was able to increase its share by 36x%.

Tip: Always experiment and check the best position for your social media buttons. What worked for other might not work for you.


FATbit has incorporated social sharing as horizontal bar on the left side. To have a look visit.

Social Proof

Adding social proof to your home page can have a significant effect on your conversions. Social proof indicates who your customers were and if there are some really big names then go ahead to flaunt them! These proofs can surely impress your prospective customers and encourage them to work with you.

A case study highlighted that had some customers that were leading household names and they acted as their claim to fame by increasing their conversion rate from 5% to 22%. Though this was a cumulative effect of changes made to optimize conversion rate.

Tip: It’s always better to have no proof rather than a low proof that might makes you seem unpopular.

Including guarantee social seal

Adding guarantee for a product builds trust in the minds of the visitors. Your visitors will feel more secure in purchasing from you and it will lead to an increase in your conversions. Guarantee acts as magic words to boost conversions.

Adding a simple 2 year guarantee to increase trust can improve the sales of an e-commerce website by 41%.

Improved navigation

If your visitors are struggling to navigate your website then you are definitely losing out on your conversions. Keep your navigation simple, consistent, intuitive but certainly not boring.

Navigation improves the usability of a website and thus directly affects conversions. Conversion rate increased by 2.20% after redesigning the navigation and website flow for ZEN windows.

Tip: Avoid having too many items in your navigation as it will make the important links less prominent.

Discounts can bring huge returns

Discounts act as a psychological factor to increase conversions. Visitors tend to make a purchase when they see discounts being offered.  Customers feel so happy to see discounts that they end up ordering more than they actually would have ordered.

As per research, by offering discounts on its pricing on a locking period of 2 years a web hosting and cloud hosting company was able to achieve 51.85% increase in conversion.

Tip: You can discount whatever you have but it’s important to make sure that financially it’s profitable for you to offer discounts because if you don’t do that you might eventually be out of business.

Length of your landing pages

The main objective of your landing page is to get you more conversions. And for that you need to remove any potential obstacle that you think might cause a high bounce rate. Your landing pages must act as your BEST salesman answering all the questions that your visitors might have with clarity and ease. So the length of your landing page depends on the content that you want to add. Remember your content should be relevant and precise but capable of handling all the objections as well.

Crazy egg redesigned their landing page and answered all the queries that their visitors might have which resulted in a page that was 20 times longer than their original page but the new page outperformed by almost 30%.

Tip: If your landing pages are very long, make sure you repeat your CTA’s at regular intervals.

Landing page optimization

Adding a video

Videos can be informative and build trust as well. They add value and most importantly people want to watch them with interest. The length and the placement of video on your web page play a very critical role.  Same message shown through a different media might play the trick and get you more conversions.

Dropbox added a video on their home page and it led to 10% increase in their conversions.

Tip: A good video must be less than a minute long and must answer three important questions
-Who you are
-What you do
-Why should someone use your product or service?

Overcoming common objections and misunderstandings

Improving conversions is not about explicitly mentioning benefits only; it’s about handling objections as well.  Make sure that you anticipate and handle all possible visitor queries before they arise through your content and its layout.

As per a case study by handling the objection of pricing through clarifying the price structure and what it included a travel company was able to boost its conversion by 19%

Tip: Try to overcome all visitor objections in above the fold area to ensure that visitor finds your content relevant.

Customer reviews widget

It is believed that our customers are our most valued advocates, when they share their experience about a website and products through customer reviews it definitely builds credibility and strengthens brand engagement. 82% of visitors feel that they find customer reviews and ratings valuable.

According to Mashable, adding reviews can increase your conversions from 11% to 20% and 99% of customers are willing to pay more for a product that has a five star rating than a four star rated product.

Tip: In case if you get negative customer reviews make sure you respond to them and take criticism constructively because it will show that you are attentive towards the service you provide and will leave a positive impact.

To know more about handling negative reviews you can read our latest article on Reputation management here.

Communicate value proposition

To increase conversion we must clearly communicate our value proposition so that our visitors know exactly why they should move ahead in the conversion funnel. The content, CTA, headlines, design everything should increase relevance and clarity and reduce anxiety and answer all objections.

Web design - What's in it for me

When worked on value proposition clarity, Expensify was able to increase its total sign ups by 28% and a total conversion rate increase of 47.2%.

Tip: Only a clear value proposition can hold visitor’s attention for more than 10 secs. Make the most of it!

Powerful headline

Your headline will determine whether your browser will turn into reader or not. Research shows that 8 out 10 people read just the headline and only 2 out 10 read the entire content. So your headline is your first and perhaps the only impression that you can make on your visitors. Your headline must be infused with curiosity which makes your visitors stop and pay attention.

According to visual website optimizer only “A single headline change led to a 90% increase in conversions for Citycliq.“

Tip: Your headline must clearly mention what your visitors will get from you in a simple and easy to understand way.

Instill a sense of urgency

Most of your online visitors will not make a purchase on their first visit. To change that it’s important to persuade them to purchase today itself and for that including a sense of urgency is vital to give them reasons why they should buy right now. Sense of urgency acts as a motivational factor only when it is represented intelligently.


According to a study – A travel and tour website was able to double its online and telephonic booking conversion rate after they added a line “limited availability- book now “in their CTA to instill a sense of urgency.

Tip: Always keep this in mind that your visitors are very sharp to make out if the urgency created by you is real or fake!

Adding a phone number

If you work in a service based industry, then adding a phone number can significantly increase sales as it gives a sense of personal connection. Having a direct line of contact builds reliability as well.

Adding a phone number to a website is important if you run a SAAS business. Studies have shown that although the number was not clearly visible still increased their conversions by half a percent by just adding it.

Tip: Make sure that if you are adding a phone number to increase conversions, you must work to provide great phone support as well.

Pin Your Social Media Buttons/Blog Subscriptions/Get More Information Banners

You can pin your social media connectors, CTA on the sides of your web page to make them visible to your visitors while they are scrolling your page. This will not only help in grabbing attention but also make it easy for visitors to take their intended action.

After pinning “we are hiring” for its visitors from India visual web optimizer was able to improve its CTR by 149%.

Home page redesign

The main objective of any website is to provide a memorable experience to its visitors. The best advantage with working in this domain is that you can always keep testing and change elements which are not working well.

Crazy egg got a home page makeover and they were able to increase their conversions by 21% in 30 days.

Implementing proactive chat

Adding a proactive chat option in the conversion path intelligently can increase your conversions. Chat must be added where ever you feel your visitors will have a question in their mind, proactive chat will enable you to solve your customer query there and then and thus facilitate conversion.

Web design company - Live Chat

With the help of proactive chat Intuit was able to increase its conversions by 20%.

Tip: Add an option to chat where you think your visitors will have doubts that need to be solved in order to push them ahead in the conversion funnel.

Responsive websites

It is a flexible layout that adapts to fit various screen sizes, resolutions and devices. It allows websites to automatically change layouts according to the visitor’s screen resolution, whether on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, creating a user-friendly interface when visitors browse websites. Research shows that 29% of smart phone users use their device for online shopping. And this clearly indicates a fresh market that could be tapped for better conversions.

By optimizing websites to be responsive Think tank photo was able to increase its overall conversion by 13.6%.

Responsive Website Design

Quality images

When it comes to online shopping your visitors hardly buy anything without seeing it. So make sure you use high quality images and graphics to bring your product as alive as possible.  Research shows that visitors pay a lot of attention to images so to leave a good impression and you must always avoid using cheesy stock images.

With interactive 360 degrees view of the product, your visitors get to see it from different angles and this can help you gain an increase of as high as 40% in your conversion rate as compared to products without the spin effect.


Tip: Studies prove that as compared to stock images, adding photos of real people increases conversions.

To get truly benefited from these Conversion rate optimization tips, you must customize them as per your individual requirement. To know what suits your website is the prime rule of an effective Conversion funnel Optimization plan because what worked for others might not work for you. It’s a well thought mix of techniques that boosts your online conversions. Having considerable experience of 9+ years in the industry, we know the fact that the only way to make more money online is to be the best among your competitors and this Conversion rate optimization checklist gives you the control to accomplish that.

Don’t wait to see your conversion rate grow itself, nor depend on any guesswork

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