#GoogleVsGod – Know, Compare and Learn Facts About Godly Search Engine


God is supreme, infinite and immortal, as heard and read a lot of times by all of us. Pick any religion for that matter and you will find some common beliefs that point towards the immensity of God. Largeness is thus a phenomenon that have been signifying the presence of God since ages, but for a decade now Google seems to be playing God to the world, with its giant presence and incontestable control.

Similarities Between Google and God

  • Google knows everything that normal human can’t
  • Google is everywhere like no one can
  • Google is immortal
  • Google is boundless just like God
  • Google remembers and answers everything, which seems impossible

Google earns one point more than God on this similarity scale, as all these facts are verifiable for Google. This way it is the only entity after God, who is actually omnipresent and omniscient. Not just this, but people search for Google more times than they search for their religion on web, which clearly patents its right to be a greater religion. The matter of thrill is that if something is not found on Google, it is literally taken as if something does not exist.

Do You Know How Big Google Is?

The bigness lies in its name itself that was supposed to be “Googol” which means a large number i.e. 1010. Beginning from 1996, it has captured 2/3 of world with its ever evolving technology. With every new product, feature and update, it has acquired a status more than a search engine and no less than God. From mailing to news all the events reach us through Google.

Here are few other big facts about Google that you may not know:

  • Google has developed autonomous cars which are literally driverless.
  • Google owns 8 robot companies and has two hominoid robots in its office corner.
  • Google has taken over 100+ companies worth billion dollars, including the top names like Nest, DeepMind Technologies, Waze, Channel intelligence etc.

What Make Google as Powerful as God?

The answer to what makes it as powerful as God lies in its search mechanics certainly. Google search engine gets 5,922,000,000 searches every day and owns a search index of more than I00 million gigabytes, which makes it so dominant that it is supposedly worshipped all over the world. Its search algorithm is what controls human life in 21st century. All the social, political, business and education activities are run through its cyber space only. So, it’s undoubtedly the power of its search algorithm that bows down the world in front of Google.

Google Search Algorithm – The Religion Itself

Search algorithm is a programmed structure that reveals answers based on clues and queries asked by internet users. It goes through constant upgrades but sticks to a few guidelines that are meant to retain the holiness of search, which lies in offering quality. This is an overview of how the Google search cycle works:

  • The search goes through 60 Trillion pages (which are still increasing)
  • Google navigates through links to crawl web pages
  • The pages are sort further on the basis of content and other quality metrics
  • All of this is tracked through indexing and search results are delivered from this index  on the basis of clues entered
  • The results are finally ranked using 200+ factors

And the final result is displayed within a fraction of a second!


The 7 Google Commandments!

Like every religion Google algorithm also has few commandments that cannot be disregarded. These are the mandates, which ought not to be overlooked by you, if you want to earn Google’s blessings. This set of rules is meant to be religiously followed by all, no matter how tough it seems- Do not cheat, just do your bit.

If you think you can cheat this tech God, then be prepared to get punished for this half-baked thought. Cheating Google is like cheating yourself actually. The Caliph that answers more than 1 billion questions a day and uses 146 languages for 181 countries cannot be dodged as it keeps a close watch on your activities. So, instead of risking your web identity, do all that you can, in order to please it. Offer quality, stay honest, follow the search ethics and do not try influencing search engine algorithm with deceitful tactics.

Remember: No one can cheat Google except Google!

1. Give Up the Greed

Don’t be greedy to get the unjust ranking scores and catch all the traffic overnight because it will go away as soon as it arrives. It can be even worse with manual spam actions and penalization that Google takes against webmasters who use black hat techniques to break the barricade of organic search results. Their craving for appearing higher than others throws them out of Google index for the good.

2. Stay Away from a Cockamamie

The tricksters who are born with sickness to chew the old bites are the biggest danger to your existence on Google sphere.  They will stagnate your growth with tactics that get you nowhere in SERPs. The so called wisdom that such people apply to influence Google bring them in the category of defaulters and it applies filters and penalties to cap such actions.

3. Don’t Dodge Google – You Will be Caught

Google is vigilant 24*7. It’s Google’s land where you are competing for survival, so the rules to exist on this region also belong to Google only. The web crawlers are scanning you every now and then. Google Analytics knows everything that goes on each site. Information is power and Google holds this power immensely, so catching your SEO malpractices won’t be a trouble for it. Remember that ‘You are not safe, until you are Google’.

4. Play Fair and Smartly

Playing fair means playing according to Google’s rules but playing smartly means act different. Don’t be copycat. Create a difference in whatever you do whether it is content submission or your website promotion. Improve your web pages; communicate more with users, offer value to search results and grab each moment to satisfy these goals.

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5. Learn to Compete

Google bots will love you if you show competitive spirit instead of losers’ tricks.  Raise your quality standards as high as web-spiders speed to make your position obvious in search engines. Do not restrict your SEO plan till grabbing a rank in SERPs, think instead to make yourself a brand that is remembered by users. Focus on users’ favoritism and not just ranking score; ranking will come eventually when users know you.

6. Adapt with Changes

Change is meant for development. If Google brings an update to improve search results then it is our duty to abide by it sacredly. Learning to adapt with changes is the best caution, even though they seem unfavorable at first glance. Break the SEO rigidity you have been following since years to stabilize your position on Google and learn to be flexible enough to adjust with every change. If you relied on Google bomb or Spamdexing in yesteryears then try reasonable linking and valuable content today.

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7. Learn to Accept Failures

Stop cribbing over the apparent losses and accept that ‘you failed’. ‘Start afresh and start now’ to bring you out of the Google fiasco. Improve your webpages to get the manual spam action revoked. Analyze your past mistakes, rectify those which can be fixed and dump the ones which cannot be resolved. Go through the Google guidelines and begin from scratch to get your penalty lifted. It’s never too late to start again.

What if There Were No Google?

Its hysteric to think if there were no Google, when your existence on earth is felt through Google maps and people look for “what will happen when I die” answers through its search engine. Still, if given a while to this thought, then:

  • You would be carrying countless books and looking for cabinets to place them.
  • You would need a dictionary all the time by your side.
  • There would no android to coddle your mobile habits.
  • You would have been carrying maps to reach places.
  • Using phone directories would be the only option to contact restaurants, hotels and stores.

Viewing this gigantic control of Google over the private lives of people it won’t be surprising if one day Google robots start suggesting what you should buy, deliver shopping orders to doorsteps and offer deals to travel to Mars.

The over realistic domination of this search engine over the world supports the Godly structure of Google and makes it look like a cybernetic religion for the centuries to come. Hence, obliging to its rule is a sacred duty that you, we and all webmasters are born to live with.

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