Google Logo Change- No Matter How Big Or Small, Logos Need An Update


The latest Google logo design change has surprised many if not everyone. This modification (though slightest) could not go unnoticed like all actions of the search giant. Nothing goes without attention, whatever it puts forth whether a new acquisition or a Google update. So, apparently it’s not surprising enough if Reddit spotted this change and the tale got viral one more time.

Google has confirmed the change & feels more than flattered with the fact that the dot-like variation too gets noticed by all and sundry (as looks from its mail excerpts to Mashable)

 Great to see people notice and appreciate even single-pixel changes — we tweaked the logo a little while ago to make sure it looks its sharpest regardless of your screen resolution.

What has changed recently in the official logo that made whole web talk about it?

Techno nerds know it as kerning adjustment (typography correction) that is hardly observable. It’s just a one pixel shift in which ‘g’ has been kicked to the right and ‘l’ is moved downwards with a minute difference.

Version 6 (Current version)


The current Google logo i.e. designed by Ruth Kedar has undergone several changes earlier too. Here is the series of changes that gave us the much identified Google symbol.

Version 5

version 5 google logo

The present form of Google logo was sprung in October, 2013.

Difference in comparison to earlier version: Shadows in letters knocked down to bring out the flattest form.

Version 4

version 4 Google's logo

This form of Google logo (though not dissimilar to current one) was launched in May, 2010. Major difference in this form was compressed distance in shadow and change of color (second ‘O’, which was yellow earlier).

Version 3

version 3 google logo

It’s the Google logo that lasted for almost 10 years (1999-2010) and is still used in some portals including Picasa & Internet Explorer Gallery.  The change incorporated in this one was majorly of fonts as compared to the last one.

Version 2

version 2 google logo

This Google logo remained active from October 1998-May 1999 and is quite different from all other as you may notice the exclamation attached to it.

Version 1

original google logo

This is the original Google logo in Baskerville Bold fonts that got changed with timely alterations and lived for just one month in 1998. If you wish to read about how this Google logo was originally designed, here is a resource.

The original logo and every update made by Google’s team points towards some basic attributes of logo design:

  • Simplicity
  • Symmetry
  • Legibility
  • Clarity
  • Universal appeal

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We think that such a logo is a perfect example of a logo that a digital organization must go for when planning their brand identity. Hope this compilation of history of Google’s logo by FATbit’s logo design experts will help you decide what changes will be appropriate for your company’s current logo. Every logo needs regular updates so that the company does not give the impression of being outdated; a new version must gradually phase out the old one.

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Darragh McCurragh

I am not sure if one should entertain general assumptions such as “logo changes are good every now and then”. The first two versions were clumsy, which is why they should have been avoided right away, but i think the founders back then were not as savvy as they are now. But since then the changes have not “defaced” the logo much. The main thing really (and this should be panel- and multivariate tested ad nauseam!) is that the change is a 2natural” improvement, such as e.g. cleaning a garden path is an improvement but it still leaves the path intact. Change the path too (ttoo cleverly) and people may miss your door …

Shalini Pathak Post author

Hello Darragh,
Thanks for reading the post. I agree that a general assumption “logo changes are good every now and then” might seem vague. This statement is for those who get their brand identities designed once and never feel the need to refresh their look.
What we can learn from Google is, they have made subtle, necessary and gradual changes in their logo (what you have termed as “cleaning a garden path”) but no major sudden change was made that completely transformed the logo into something that their current stake holders could just not relate to.
Something similar can be implemented effectively by others too, if they have the right design team to assist them.
Keep reading our future posts.

Joe Pantel

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Keep up the superb works guys I have incorporated
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