Good News For SMBs – WhatsApp Releases Dedicated App For Business

Good News For SMBs – WhatsApp Releases Dedicated App For Business


Small and medium online businesses have been using WhatsApp for a while now to market their brand and connect with customers. After using other channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and SnapchatSMBs have leveraged this instant messaging service too and are doing quite well in terms of sales.

The matter of fact is not just the businesses, customers too look forward to connecting quickly with the seller through their WhatsApp contact- it’s quick and handy. So it was high time for WhatsApp to bring in few business centric features to simplify commercial chats and help this segment.

And, not just certain features WhatsApp announced a whole app for businesses- WhatsApp Business App

Seeing the latest trend, WhatsApp has released a dedicated app- WhatsApp Business app in an effort to make communication between businesses and customers more streamlined.

Officially announced in September, this app was going through testing with businesses like MakeMyTrip and bookmyshow.

WhatsApp business is now available for download via Google play in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, UK, US and India. However,iPhone users will have to wait.

So, why we’re calling it a good news for SMBs?

  • Over 80 percent of small businesses in India and Brazil communicate with customers and grow their business using WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp also claimed that 84 percent of SMBs think that WhatsApp helps them communicate with customers.
  • 80 percent of SMBs think that WhatsApp helps them grow their business.

As per the stats shared by NDTV in their post, this release is well-timed.

Built and launched with a focus on small businesses, the WhatsApp Business app allows businesses to be a part of the messaging platform that has over 1.3 billion users worldwide. The business app offers business-centric features, which were lacking in the original WhatsApp.

With its amazing features like add business description, email, store address and website link on the app, you can manage personal, commercial connections/chats separately.

Let’s take a look at this new business app by WhatsApp. We’re going tell you everything about- how it works, what the most useful features are and what’s new in this app for a business.

Profile Features

Business Description

Businesses can now add a business description to their WhatsApp profile for the customers who want a quick overview. The business description section is like the about us section on website where you can put light on your products, service. Try to keep the business description as small as possible for better readability.

Business Account


The category section on your profile will catch the attention of relevant audience. It lets businesses select the category they belong to, for example clothing, food, travel, etc.

Choose Category

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Now it’s easier to let your customers know the location of your business. The WhatsApp business app is integrated with Maps, allowing customers to locate the business easily. You just need to fill in the details to let your customers find you through Maps.

Business Map

Website links

You can now mention your website on your WhatsApp Business App profile. It also gives the option to add more than one website link,so businesses can now add their social media links too to their business profile.

Business Hours

Business Hours

While most online businesses are open 24*7, some prefer to keep the weekend to themselves. WhatsApp business allows you to mention your business hours on your profile itself. This will help businesses in creating better customer experience thus resulting in more conversions.

Edit Business Hours

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Automated Messages

Greeting Message

Every business (Especially SMBs) wants to welcome their customers. Sending a welcome message to all their customers can be a difficult task. Through WhatsApp business, they can send an automated welcome message to their customer. When a customer sends their first message to any seller/business, an automated welcome message would be sent to them. See the image below for an example of the same. You can add a welcome message of your choice to the profile.

Business Away Message

Away message

For an online business, customers believe that the business is available 24*7, which is not possible for all businesses. You can now easily let your customers know that you are not available to handle orders (at the moment or anytime) by sending away messages to them. The away messages can be easily added and schedule as per your preferences. Business can select whether the message must be always sent, or customize the time for when it is to be sent (during or beyond business working hours).

Away Message Edit

Quick Replies

Thanks for ordering with us, 15% discount on all product- there are many of such common replies that business have to send to their customers. To provide ease to businesses, WhatsApp has introduced quick replies feature. Businesses can now save messages, which they want to send out to their customers.Multiple messages can be saved in the quick reply section. See the image below to understand how to activate the quick replies on your chat screen

Quick Replies

Messaging Statistics

To check how effective WhatsApp Business profile is for a specified business, a section has been added, which shows details like messages sent, messages received, messages read, etc. These stats will show if the messages you send are read by the customer or not and how many people respond to it. This section will help businesses assess if they are utilizing WhatsApp business most appropriately or not.

Understand how latest social media updates can help in marketing your business

All the features are created keeping in mind the problems faced by on a daily basis. They now have yet another platform to market their products and reach a wider audience. It would be interesting to see how businesses make the most of it. There are many questions as of now- like, will the conversions of small and medium businesses increase with WhatsApp Business App? Explore it and let us know in the comment section below what you think about this new WhatsApp Business App.

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