Good News For Travel Advertisers: Facebook Releases Trip Consideration

Good News For Travel Advertisers: Facebook Releases Trip Consideration


Most travel plans start with a thought of going someplace like a beach or a mountain, but with no specific destination in mind. People just want a break from their busy routine without knowing the destination they want to go.

Last week, Facebook introduced Trip Consideration. This will help travel advertisers narrow down their advertising to those people who have expressed their intent to travel and have not decided the destination yet.

Facebook introduced this new feature after checking all types of travel discoveries and travel planning happening on the platform. Some stats that prove the same:

  • 68% of Millennials found ideas for their most recent trip through Facebook
  • Similarly, 60% of Millennials found their destination inspiration on Instagram.

These stats prove that those who are running travel website should have a fair idea of people who are still on the first stage of their travel planning.

Trip consideration aims to reach people identified to be in the initial phase of planning a vacation. Reach these people by the behavior they exhibit on Facebook and Instagram. This can help travel businesses to target more Millennials and those who refer to Facebook to decide the destination for the vacation.

Let us explain Trip consideration by an example:

A college student shows an interest in travelling in the summer vacation by visiting/liking travel related pages and travel planning posts but has not settled on a specific destination. Travel businesses can now promote their ads to this specific audience who is browsing for travel but has not decided the destination. They can show them deals for specific destinations, promote hotels or flight discounts, market travel activity guides, etc. This will help them decide the destination and also do business with OTAs.

Facebook Travel feature

In October 2017, Facebook released dynamic ads for travel. This helps travel businesses reach people interested in traveling with the most appropriate advertisement. With Trip Consideration, OTAs can now influence traveling enthusiasts more effectively. Trip consideration works with existing targeting option to help travel business direct their ads to right people at the right time. Trip consideration can be used to drive audience from Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

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