FATbit – Startup Friendly Design Agency with Endless Advantages for Entrepreneurs

FATbit – Startup Friendly Design Agency with Endless Advantages for Entrepreneurs

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According to the recent stats, half of the new businesses fail within first 5 years. If you take online startups into account, then, probably the demise is even quicker. While there can be many reasons behind collapse of online businesses in their youth, one most common has to be wrong technology partner.

Start-up business owners have:

  • Enthusiasm to solve realistic problems
  • Courage to follow their vision
  • Ability to take measured risks
  • Last but not the least, perseverance

But still, most fail to scale their online ventures because they are not familiar with technology challenges awaiting them. As a leading web solutions provider working closely with Indian and global startups for many years, FATbit Technologies understand these challenges and have made provisions to subdue them.

The company is quickly becoming the first choice of startups for web design, development, and also online marketing. And these are the points that give it an edge over the others:

Vast industry experience

FATbit has been helping startups realize the true power of digital world for more than a decade now. Its highly capable team (that has grown to 80+ professionals over the years) gives clients the advantage of insights gathered by working on thousands of projects. This market knowhow is critical for entrepreneurs with great ideas but little understanding of technological challenges.

Budget quotient

FATbit Technologies realizes that startups have limited funds to materialize their ideas. Hence, it offers competitive web design and development pricing, making it easy for entrepreneurs to get their venture off the ground. Being a digital marketing agency focused on the needs of new businesses, FATbit provides modern SEO services at highly affordable price as well.
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Sophisticated communication channels

Because majority of its clients are located thousands of miles away, FATbit Technologies has put into place highly sophisticated communication channels. The company uses its in-house developed project management solution, BIZixx to keep clients updated about daily project progress and work details.

The secure platform simplifies team interactions, file sharing and various other challenges associated with web design and development outsourcing. Obviously, FATbit also offers excellent support through phone, Skype, chat and email to startups as well.

Flexibility without boundaries

Working with FATbit brings great flexibility to clients. Whether they want FATbit professionals to join their team for a critical development phase or wish to collaborate with them at FATbit work station, both can be arranged with ease. This flexibility gives startups the opportunity to understand the development process and work closely with the technical team.

FATbit regularly plays host to clients from the USA, Africa and Europe at their main office in Mohali, India.

One-stop web solution providers

From web design to development and conversion optimization to hardcore emarketing, FATbit offers every service required to convert startups into established brands. It is one of the few one-stop startup web solutions providers that look into all the important aspects of making a new business succeed on internet.

This status eliminates the need of researching, finalizing, negotiating and partnering with different web solution providers for project needs.
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Dedicated project coordinators

Only top web design and development companies bring the advantage of dedicated coordinators to its clients. FATbit Technologies gives its startup clients this advantage to make sure that there is always a dedicated professional to listen to their ever-changing needs and tweak the processes accordingly.

Dedicated project coordinators also play a crucial role in timely delivery of projects which incidentally is our next point.

Record turnaround time

Startups it is said need to evolve at lightning pace to keep ahead of competitors. To make this happen, they need a technology partner that has the resources to deliver project updates quickly. In the last few years, FATbit Technologies has evolved a work process that guarantees record turnaround time and thus strategic advantage to startups.

Commitment to startup revolution

FATbit Technologies is an ardent supporter of entrepreneurs who work on ventures that are bringing positive change in the world. Yo!Success is our most ambitious project to put the spotlight on new businesses and revolutionary ideas. It is steadily gaining popularity as a platform that features success stories and interviews of emerging business personalities.

Choosing a web design and development partner that understands your startup vision is critical. Because startup friendly web design companies are limited in number and sometimes even hard to find, entrepreneurs usually hire regular design firm.

This is a mistake you don’t want to make. Undertake extensive research before finalizing one for your startup website. And believe it or not, your startup’s success is tied to your technology partner.
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