How to Close Leads Generated From Cold Email Pitches and Advertising

How to Close Leads Generated From Cold Email Pitches and Advertising

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A marketing campaign is developed with some objective, it could be leads, sales, brand awareness, or something else. Even though the objectives are different from each other, all marketing campaigns ultimately have one important goal: profit.

When it comes to closing leads that come through advertising or cold email pitches, the process of selling differs. It differs compared to the sales funnels prepared for leads which were generated organically.

After all, there’s a big diversity in the ways your leads react to your value proposition. Therefore, knowing how to sharpen your process of closing cold leads and turning them into loyal customers is going to get your business far.

Just in case you needed it, we’ve prepared some insightful strategies to help you improve the conversion rates of your cold leads:

Understand the Leads’ Nature

Even though your advertising efforts may bring a lot of traffic to your website/email list, your campaign might still fail miserably because of one thing. Most marketers fail to understand their leads’ nature. If you want to be a relevant entity in your consumers’ lives, you got to stay on top of their needs. A business that provides consistent value to its prospects is going to thrive no matter what.

However, in order to be relevant to your target audience, you must understand it first. Here’s how:

  • Keep track of every blog/website/platform that you’re acquiring leads from. Use analytics.
  • Carefully study and understand a platform’s audience by reading its content, reading opinions about it, reading user’s comments on posts, etc.
  • Build a short survey asking relevant questions such as: “How did you arrive here?” “What’s your biggest interest” “What are your biggest problems regarding X?”. This way, you can learn more about each cold lead.
  • Pay close attention to your leads actions by leveraging analytics software for both your website and your email list.

Introduce Yourself & Your Unique Value Proposition

Put yourself in your lead’s shoes. You’ve just signed up for a newsletter that promises to teach you some important lessons. What do you want to see next? In most cases, you want to see the benefits of the offer. Unconsciously, you’ll assess whether this trade-off (money vs product) is really worth it. Your leads will encounter barriers to purchase, and your job is to immediately eliminate or minimize them.

Considering that your leads aren’t familiar with your offer, you should non-intrusively introduce yourself by stating how you’ve reached their email inbox (in case they don’t remember). You should restate the reason for their sign-up, and follow up with the most important element of your attention-grabbing process: unique value proposition.

In case you’re not familiar with the term, check it out here and come back. The moment you spark the curiosity and interest of a potential customer can be the moment of making yourself remarkable. Therefore, you should clearly state the unique benefits that your offers promise. Have them clearly understand why you’ve “contacted” them, and give them ways to get out (unsubscribe button).

Offer Something Valuable Right from the Start

Give something first and expect nothing. Follow this golden rule, and you’ll win at the game called business. Cold leads that have now started to consume your content have high expectations. Their list is already overwhelmed with dozens of other offers.

Therefore, your prospects might develop a “resistance” towards irrelevant stuff. They don’t want to waste time, so if there’s nothing in for them, they’re gone. Whenever a content stands out from the crowd, it is going to be remarked. Therefore, you should focus on improving your creative voice too.
Remember that this is the point where you can draw most of the attention. When you offer something really valuable to your prospect, they’re likely to read your name again. Only now they’re aware of your existence, and that’s only because you’ve proven to be helpful.

Make Prospects Familiar with Your Products and Services

Once you’ve earned your potential client’s trust, it’s time to make a move and introduce your products and services. See it this way; every time you’re bringing up something that asks for a prospect’s money, it is best that the prospect is already familiar with your brand’s name and value proposition. Otherwise, you’re just going to be irrelevant because they’ll perceive your offer as an intrusive marketing scheme.

However, if you take the entire process step-by-step, you are gradually building trust and strengthening your connection with the prospect. They observe that you respect them, so they are most likely to pay that respect back.

When you introduce your products, always be sure to have impeccable sales pages. A well-made email marketing campaign is effective; however, if your sales page is not, you’re wasting many potential sales.

Offer Discounts and Benefits

Another way of capturing the attention of your recent leads, introduce your products by offering direct discounts for those who buy “right now”. So you’re basically motivating them to take their cards out of their wallet and make an instant purchase for a – let’s say – 30% discount.

Moreover, you have the possibility of offering certain benefits to loyal customers. An exclusive, a 5-minutes Skype talk, or maybe a face to face interaction! Implement several incentives in your sales funnel and see how the interest for your brand grows.

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Nurture that Relationship to Make It Last

Here’s something very important to note and remember: convincing cold leads that your brand is worthy of their attention is not enough. An efficient marketing strategy ends when the prospect goes through all stages. For example, when a lead becomes a “first-time buyer”, the process is not really over.

That first-time buyer should be placed in a “safe spot” in your email database. Keep them satisfied by offering valuable content on a consistent basis. Along with the content, add new products (even affiliated ones if not yours) to the sales funnel. One person can buy you 10 products if you nurture a lead well!


Closing leads could be considered an art and a skill as well. The more you interact with leads, the more you’ll understand how the game works. What do great marketers do? They sell to people they barely know, spark desires and dreams, and successfully close the deal once a vibe of trust gets established. Follow our strategies, implement them well, and ultimately witness more success!

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