Best Points to Design Landing Pages with Buyer Psychology in Mind

Best Points to Design Landing Pages with Buyer Psychology in Mind

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When a web user reaches a website after clicking on an advertisement, search engine query or email marketing link, the marketer or website owner expects a positive action. It usually comes in the form of a purchase, registration, signup or call for query. However, making a visitor do any of the mentioned is not an easy task. This is where landing pages come in.

Landing pages are undeniable and fundamental for a successful marketing strategy. Instead of directing traffic to ambiguous home page, it works best to employ dedicated landing pages to better the chances of conversion.

A breathtaking landing page revolves around:

  • Captivating call to action such as Shop Now, Sign Up, Contact Us, and Subscribe Now.
  • Luring offers
  • Catchy headlines
  • Text supporting visuals
  • Social proof (Testimonials and Portfolio)

A great landing page aids conversion of leads from ad campaigns and search engine queries into customers/clients. It’s where you will convert a set proportion of your visitors into buyers.

Understanding buyer psychology for better landing pages

One of the most significant factors in creating a fantastic landing page is understanding buyer psyche. If you understand your customers’ need, you are half way there. So, understanding your prospect’s mind is a lot more significant before even beginning to devise a page design and content.

Let’s take an example;

You own a resort and plan to target newly married couples.

How will you make your resort’s landing page engaging? You cannot showcase your business conference halls or the well equipped gym. Instead read your prospect’s mind and design the page by integrating couple spa options & romantic giveaways.

Speak directly to them about how you are the best when it comes to romantic vacations. Pay attention to;

  • Intent
  • Buying cycles
  • Motivation
  • Challenges
  • Needs

Build emotional triggers. Place the most profitable products or services on the top and combine complimentary product samples like wine & cheese.

Based on the behaviour of your target audience, here are some considerations you cannot ignore while designing your landing page:

  • Reflect your brand personality as strongly as you can. Create a sense of urgency.
  • Use pictures that have character. Good looking pages are always bestsellers.
  • Be strategic with your colours. Tints and shades can also play a part in what feelings the colour conveys. For instance, a darker shade of blue would convey more security and integrity.
  • Play very cleverly with upselling offers. They can often be placed on the checkout page or directly on description page.
  • Diagnose the wants, differentiate your claims and make them sound & look unique.
  • Empower your users and give them the details in a clear manner.
  • Don’t give them too many options, for they will get confused and steer away. Consumers constantly face “analysis paralysis, where too many options actually result in no decision being made”, writes Oli Gardner.
  • Display testimonials, reviews and user validation.
  • Allure visitors with scarcity. If something is probably going to be over in a while, people will feel more attracted to make a quick decision.

Landing pages require careful planning and a great amount of thought. Your landing page should justify what brought the visitor at the first place.

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For instance, if visitor came through a banner ad that stated flat 20% discount of the item on offer, then, your landing page should do justice to it.

This obviously doesn’t cover every detail of landing page design & planning. Share your ideas and landing page insights in the comments section.

In case you have any doubts regarding landing pages, get in touch with FATbit experts. We will be glad to help you with any query.

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