7 Proven Ways to Increase Conversions and Visitor Engagement


Web businesses are obsessed with pushing up sales numbers. Though there is endless literature on doing so, few come with proven facts and examples. Considering the same, FATbit decided to aggregate some realistic ways to increase conversions and improve visitor engagement. So, here are seven points that can be implemented over time to drastically improve conversions:

1. Tackle Commitment Phobia

People get second thoughts when they are introduced to ‘Buy’ or ‘Sign Up’ elements. To tackle this commitment phobia, accentuate such elements with cues that add flexibility to the whole processes. For instance, if you are asking audience to subscribe for newsletter, mentioning you can ‘unsubscribe with single click’ will lower the stakes. Similar practices can increase the chances of conversion and signups.  If you want people to sign up for your offerings, you have to assure them that it is simple and doesn’t come with serious commitments.

2. Think Beyond Profits

Some people prefer brands that look beyond money. Studies have also shown that such buyers are brand loyal and share values with the supposed firm. Blanket America is a brand that is powered by its commitment to give away one item to someone in need for every purchase made. Though every business doesn’t offer scope for such giveaway, such small gestures can go a long way in building a loyal community following.

3. Prove your Superiority

If you have entered a market with universally accepted leader but are sure that your offering is way better, then, proving it with real facts and data can do wonders to conversions. TeamWork (a management tool) does this perfectly by showing how it is superior to its competitor by using testimonials and tweets from happy users who recently shifted loyalty. Competitive matrix is also a smart way to do the same and claim dominance. However, don’t build castles in the air; write what is true.

4. Speed up Processes

Assume you are shopping and fell in love with a nice suit displayed on a mannequin but on asking about trial, store attendant informs you that argued size is out of stock and will be available in five days. Now, there is a rare chance you will go back again. In virtual world too, people look for cues that suggest immediate gratification and speediness. ‘Fast delivery’ and ‘one click purchase’ make people to place orders. So, there is no reason why you shouldn’t speed up conversion critical processes.

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5. Invest in WOW Factor

Your products or services might be keeping clients happy at present but what about tomorrow? Modern web brands need to keep excitement alive and boredom away. Now, by this, we don’t mean give heavy discounts and deplete your revenues. There are various other ways to refresh brand image. Personalized e-cards on festive occasion or ‘welcome’ message can go a long way in making web users come back for more. Feedly CEO surprised one of our team members recently when he started using the application after Google Reader hanged its boots.

6. Price Smartly

Pricing is a very critical factor when it comes to web sales. Close substitutes of nearly all web services are available in the market. In such scenario, no one looks forward to invest big money. For web services, breaking down the offering on a monthly charge is the wise thing to do. Various brands are rendering the services the same way. However, high-end digital products with a reasonable price tag and right marketing strategy can get away with licensing. Whichever way you choose, go for smart pricing.

7. Context Branding

Web based companies often commit the mistake of forgetting about the context element when it comes to branding. This of course leads to serious conversion loss. Certifications, product specific testimonials and other cues can be used to reaffirm buyer about the quality of the offering. Some online education brands use context branding effectively to pitch online training courses and lessons.

Conversion is something that always occupies the mind of web entrepreneurs looking at the bigger picture. While above points can help you in improving conversions, website analysis & consultation make sense if you think problem lies in web design or development.

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