CMS System

Manage your dailydeals system with ease, concentrate more on
marketing and keep your customer base growing.

  • Managing Content on the informational pages of the website
  • Managing Navigational Links on the website
  • Managing the Images of the inner pages.
  • Adding/removing pages to the website.
  • Adding/Removing Categories.
  • Ability to manage FAQs with search engine friendly URLs.

Administration Rights

  • The admin dashboard, be able to show total deals purchased, and be able to be sorted by city.
  • Ability to approve comments posted for the Deals.
  • The ability to control the site through an interface, with a secure login, so that an administrator can login remotely.
  • Ability to setup Maintenance Mode.
  • Send Refund
  • The ability to create multiple administration accounts with different rights / privileges.
  • Ability to backup and restore the Database.
  • The ability to view all members/buyers, their contact details, & coupons purchased.
  • View Reports
  • Merchants Management and Reports on vouchers sold, sales generated by merchants and revenues earned by your business in terms of fees for this platform.
Yo!deals dashboard features

Deal Features

Easy to use and SEO friendly deals management system. Make your deals look impressive not only to Human Eye but to SPIDERS as well.

  • On the side, the ability to post a 'Bonus Deal' or 'Side Deal'. This functionality would be hidden in the beginning.
  • The ability to set a minimum number of coupons that need to be sold before the 'Deal' becomes available. If members purchase a 'Deal' that does not reach the minimum, they are automatically sent an email stating that the 'Deal' closed.
  • Each coupon will need the following fields: ID Number; Price Paid (by the member); Coupon Value; Short Description; Logo; Address of the Business; Key Terms & Conditions (expiry date etc.)
  • Facility to post deal to Individual Cities or Nationwide Deals
  • The ability to create separate 'Deals' or coupons for individual and multiple categories.
  • The ability to specify a start date / time, ending date / time, minimum purchase requirements, maximum purchase requirements(Combined for Self and Gift per user and Total), and the key terms and conditions (cost per coupon etc.)
  • The ability to set a maximum of the number of coupons that can be sold (a) in aggregate; and (b) to any one member. If the limit is reached before the deal closes, nobody should be able to purchase any more.
  • The ability to restrict the time period for which 'Deal' is available (typically 24 hrs to 7 days).
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Mighty features of Yo!Deals

Getaways/Hotel Booking

  • Buyer has a new 'getaway' section for online booking for hotel deals
  • Buyers can book hotels online, select checkin and checkout dates and check room availability
  • Buyers can select checkin and checkout date and book any hotel with room as per their choice.
Yodeals online booking

Expired Deals

  • The ability to select certain expired 'Deals' to show on a "Prior Deals" page.
  • For each expired 'Deal', the ability to show the merchant's logo, the 'Deal' offered, the number of coupons sold, the total dollars saved.
  • A counter that auto populates when each new deal is purchased.
Yodeals ecommerce website

eCommerce Features

Easy checkout process, don't let them think twice. Keep it simple and straight forward. No hassles checkout. Make them open their wallet for you.

  • Paypal IPN Integrated
  • Additional payment gateways can be integrated for additional charge.
Daily Deals eCommerce Feature

Email Notifications

Keep them notified of interesting deals in their city.
Stay connected with your subscribers and members.

  • The ability to setup an auto generated HTML email, which is sent to all members who opted in for either a site wide or specific category email, alerting them of each day's 'Deal'.
  • Thank you Email with voucher, on purchasing the deal.
  • Registration Email.
  • Forgot Password.
  • Deal Tipped notification with voucher.
  • Deal Expired notification.
  • Refund Notification.
  • Affiliate Commission notifications.
  • Referral Commission notifications.
  • The ability to create an auto-generated HTML email, which is sent to the member post purchase, with a link to where they can login & print out any coupons purchased.
  • When a member signs up for emails to be sent to them, they should fill out their email address and select which city they would like 'Deals' for.
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Member Login Area

Manage interest areas, personal details, view vouchers history and check 'my wallet':

  • When a member signs up for emails to be sent to them, they should fill out their email address and select which city they would like 'Deals' for.
  • Manage your interest areas. i.e. Deal Types you are interested in be it Sensational Spa or Exciting adventure offers. Members can select the Deal types they are interested in, they receive notifications only for the deals they are interested in.
  • The ability to send invitation to contacts from Yahoo, Gmail and share website on Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter
  • Affiliate Commission Code: Members earn affiliate commission every time, when the referred member makes a successful purchase(Deal Purchased is Tipped).
  • My Wallet: Members can view the transactions history in My Wallet area, when a deal expires without getting Tipped, Members get amount spent on the deal credited back to their Wallet. Wallet money can be used to purchase another deal on your portal.
  • Referral Commission Code: Members earn referral commission only one time for each referral, when the referred member makes first successful purchase(Deal Purchased is Tipped).

Client Merchant Companies Login Area:

Manage your dailydeals system with ease, concentrate more on
marketing and keep your customer base growing.

  • The ability for clients to login to the site and see total coupons purchased for their specific 'Deal'.
  • The ability to check off coupons that have already been claimed by a member/buyer.
  • The ability to print a list of coupons outstanding (not yet redeemed).
  • The ability to see all deals purchased in Google map. Coming Soon.
  • Download CSV: Paid/Pending Payment Status.
  • Download CSV: Coupons Sold (Used/Un-used)

Data Collection

Helps you analyze business performance quickly and empowers you to arrive at better strategic decisions.

  • The ability to collect data for each 'Deal': the number of members that viewed the 'Deal'; the number of coupons sold.
  • Make the information about how many people viewed the deal online available to the merchant.
  • The ability to download data into a CSV file for any 'Deal'.Integration: The ability to share the 'Deal' each day with Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • The ability to download data into a CSV file for any 'Deal'.
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Interesting Features

Keep your website visitors, members, merchants and
interested parties engaged and informed

  • The ability for members or business owners to suggest new businesses that they would like to see a 'Deal' for.
  • Page with Featured Deals/Side Deals on side panel of the page.

SEO Implementation

Deloyment of critical SEO strategies to gradually improve performance of website on search engines

  • Meta Tags Management
  • Site Map Generation
  • Search Friendly URL
  • Google Analytics Implementation
  • Search Engine Submission
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