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Best Website Designing: Not only attractive but successful too.

Since 2004, our focus is on learning effective web design and promotion principles, then applying those principles to the web sites we design.

Designing web sites that are functional and have a high rate of success seemed more important than learning how to design with the newest bell or whistle available.

The design of the web site is only one of the many tools needed to make it effective; flashy or pretty does not make a web site work, there is lot more involved in the development of a successful web site.

The web sites we design use a mixture of imagery and information, emphasis is always placed on the informative content; information is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of web site design.

FATbit also decided that it would be more effective for us business wise to make these web design services affordable, so that anyone wanting a quality web site designed could easily afford it.

Professional Web Designers

The years of designing web sites, consulting and helping others to design and promote their web sites has given FATbit's experience and knowledge in web design principles and web site promotion that many claim to know but only a few can apply.

It is not about how much innovative technology we can fit onto a single web page, it is about how well the web page performs, and that is what matters. We have a reputation to uphold by doing our absolute best for all of our customers, and by using the knowledge, and experience we have accumulated to help them start their web presence off on the right foot.

Is The Customer "Always" Right?

Lets face it, just because the customer requests certain design elements for their web site does not mean it is always what is best for the success of their web site. Advice, consultation, experience and web site design knowledge are the things which make you hire professionals to design your web site in the first place. Many clients do not know, how certain design elements affect the overall success of their web site. Whatever the customer chooses to do, it is always in the customers' best interest to have someone knowledgeable to help them reach the right decision. Without knowledge in web design, usability, web promotion, marketing and a host of other services a web design company may not have the ability to help you with your web presence once it has been created, as well in the correct processes in which to create it. Consultation should be available to the customer while the web site is in development and when it is completed. Web services should not end once the web site is completed!

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