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Satisfaction is pass delight is the word when it comes to serving clients! We serve our clients to delight and move with awe! Upkeeping this mantra, FATbit has been offering high end web solutions and branding services to clients across the map, since 2004. We provide world class web creation and management services to varied businesses with divergent genre. If you are on the web, we pledge to take your online venture to the next level! Quality, cost-effective approach and application of avant garde technology are rooted in our professional fundamentals. We care to make your online business a profitable venture. FATbit touts of some cream professionals who are perfectionists in their area of expertise. We are a well equipped team of partners and resellers who seek to provide comprehensive web business needs.


With experience comes excellence, excellence in quality and productivity! FATbit professionals have quite a bit of both the worlds. And with years passing by, our experience has proved out to be even more vital in our growth and progress. Experience through time gets exceptionally valuable, for distinct advancements on older strategies and techniques get to coalesce. As a result of which, dynamics of work and zone of expertise intensify. Experience hones skills and improves the professional ability to conquer complex tangents as well. Be it web design, development or SEO services, our experienced web professionals can handle it all.

Avant Garde Service Providers

When you sketch a plan for your online business, what comes to your mind first? Most definitely a partner or an outsourcing agent that can take care of your project diligently and proficiently, right? Hence FATbit!

We are a team of more than 50 experts active in web business since 2004. We apply advanced technologies to our processes and deliver premium quality works that delight our clients across the globe. FATbit professionals know their crafts well and are determined to give you nothing less than superlative and that too in the most cost-effective way. While our clients tag us with the title best website design company, it is the not the only thing we do. Here is a list of web services we offer:

  • Website programming
  • Internet marketing
  • Online branding
  • Flash banners
  • Gif
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • 2D character and animation development
  • Content writing

And many name it and it's for the web, we got to be there in the top league! Make your pick from an array of programs and packages on offer.

Benefits providers

We not only provide you the best services but even better benefits as well that are par excellence. We don't simply design your website but also give you the primary prerogative to stay in constant touch with our professionals while development processes are on. FATbit earnestly offers premium services, most updated technology, software development and whatever it takes to prosper in the e-commerce industry. FATbit offers various world class internet integration and operation services while adhering to cutting edge professional ideologies.

We not only provide you with the most high end quality services; but offer several technologies that upgrade the solutions you need to get to the top slot as well. There are no ways about the fact that internet has attained the main commerce and communication portal tag, and hence it is important that your site design is appropriate to target your audience.

Allow us to take care of your online business needs and we pledge to virtually take your hand and walk you to the top, providing you with tools and techniques, as well as supreme management along the way. FATbit encourages all those who wish to begin a partnership with us or would like to outsource to us to submit an inquiry via our form; don't forget to ask about our discount prices just for allowing us to fulfill your website design and/or development needs.

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I would like to thank our 200+ regular clients for trusting FATbit for the last 9 years. We promise to maintain the same passion & diligence in rendering web services.

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