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Keep Reading To Learn More Marketing a business online will definitely consist of numerous elements, many of which involve search engine optimization. Link building is very important to any internet marketing campaign for businesses big and small, but can be a tedious task to for the business to do on its own. For this reason, FATbit can offer professional and high quality link building services to ensure the business's marketing venture is successful and the search engine ranking continues to increase. There are many different packages that may be more appropriate for various types of businesses, offering success for a business of any size, structure, or function.

How Does Link Building Work?

With experienced writers that have a great deal of knowledge of search engine optimization and creating keyword rich content, link are placed within the writing on various platforms including:

  • Article directories
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Social Networks

There are a variety of link building strategies that are used to ensure that all demographics of the business's consumer base is able to find the links easily. Through articles, blog posts, forums posts, and even comments and social networking bookmarks, one-way links can be placed throughout the internet, offering SEO driven rank increases and higher traffic volumes.

Getting the Best for Less Costs

Businesses need the best link building services, but they also want the best price, which is why FATbit is a great choice. Businesses large and small can take advantage of low price services with top quality content. The most up-to-date search engine optimization strategies and techniques will be used within each posting and submission, ensuring that there is optimal success. With directory admissions, multiple article submissions, social bookmarking, and even DMOZ and search engine submission, any business will see a great increase in search engine rankings and traffic as well.

Remaining Within Budget

When seeking out link building services, businesses of all types and sizes have the choice between various top quality packages, combining all the most used link building techniques for a cost that remain within budget. Higher quality isn't going to cost more, but will increase the value in the costs of the services. With technical support provided to assist with any issues that may arise, as well as a highly trained professional to ensure the business's success, there is a great deal to gain through the top quality services provided.

Link building should be done by only the most qualified professionals, ensuring that the business is able to profit from the venture. With highly trained professionals working with the business throughout the entire process, the business will get the most comprehensive services based on the needs of the actual business. The internet marketing campaign will be tailored to suit the needs of the business based on the functions and size. Ensuring that the entire target consumer base is able to easily find, not only the business site, but a great deal of information about the business as well, FATbit provides a top quality link building service that is well worth the price.



1 Month


2 Months


3 Months


6 Months



Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly
Permanent PR3 or Higher Backlinks NIL 2 6 12
From Home Page Validity1 Year 2 6 12
Contextual Permanent One way Back Links NIL 20 66 60
How many per month -20 -20 -20
Contextual Permanent One way Back Links 500 1000 500 3000
Unique Titles & Descriptions -10 -10 -10 -10
How many submissions per month -100 -200 -200 -200
Manual Article Submission 100 200 300 600
Unique Articles Written By Professionals -2 -4 -6 12
How many submissions per month -100 -100 -100 -100
Manual Social Bookmarking 100 200 300 600
How many per month -100 -100 -100 -100
Forum Posting NIL 25 75 150
How many submissions per month -25 -25 -25
Blog Reviews By Professionals NIL 5 15 30
How many per month -5 -5 -5
Google/Yahoo/MSN - Submission Yes Yes Yes Yes
Squidoo Lenses NIL 1 3 6
How many per month -1 -2 -2
Social Networking Profiles 5 10 30 60
How many per month -5 -10 -10 -10
Press Release Writing & Submission NIL 1 3 10
Unique PRWritten By Professionals -1 -3 -10
How many submissions/each PR -50 -50 -50
How many PR Written Per Month -1 -1 -2
Hub Page Creation(info) NIL 2 3 6
How many per month -1 -1 -1
Blog Commenting Service *PR2+ websites NIL 50 150 300
How many per month -25 -50 -50
Classified Ads 40 100 250 600
How many per month -40 -50 -100 -100
Link Baiting NIL 10 30 60
How many per month -10 -10 -10

Our Discounted Price

250 USD 1000 USD 2400 USD 5000 USD
Payment Terms USD USD USD USD
1st Month -250 -500 -1000 -1500
2nd Month -NIL -500 -1000 -1500
3rd Month -NIL -NIL -400 -1500
4th Month -NIL -NIL   -500

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