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How daily deals system works?

  • Local Merchant

    Daily deals help merchants in increasing revenue, sales and also brand new footfalls without spending on advertisements.

  • Service Provider

    Daily deals websites help people to know about service providers in their locality rendering specific services at discounted rates.

  • Product Owner

    Product owners willing to clear their stocks or achieve higher sales trust daily deals to reach interested product buyers.

  • Customer

    Customers or registered users get products and services which otherwise would have asked more money.

What bitFATdeals Has To Offer You?

Deals Management

Deals are the most basic element of a deals website and their management can determine the success and failure of a business. Through deals management feature, one can easily categorize, edit, add and delete deals. Numerous other functions can also be performed related to upcoming, active, cancelled and rejected deals.

Buyers Management

Buyers follow different mediums to reach a daily deals system. It is necessary to keep the record of all the buyers and the purchases they have made on the daily deal system. Buyers management feature of bitFATdeals assists in keeping track of all the buyers and the purchased deals.

Merchants Management

Merchants feature deals on daily deals platform. Hence, it is important for the website owners to manage them. Merchant management feature of bitFATdeals helps platform owners in keeping track of merchants, their location details, active or inactive status, account and other related details. One can also add new merchant in the present list.

Group Buying System: Win Win Situation For All

Being part of group buying system pays dividends to everyone. It is a major factor that distinguishes as well as popularizes the deals concept.

  • Portal Owners

    Portal owners are the ones who possess the ownership of the website based on group buying system. To bring merchants and buyers together, they charge some percentage from merchantís profit from a deal.

  • Merchants

    Merchants are the businesses that offer deals. With the help of representatives, merchants decide the terms of discounts on their services. Through deals purchased, merchants increase their customer base and get new footfalls.

  • Buyers

    Buyers are the registered users of the website using group buying system. As obvious from the name, they are the ones who purchase. They derive benefit from discounted deals by saving money from deals and discovering new service providers.

  • Affiliates

    Portal An affiliate can be an individual or entity that helps in bringing more traffic to the deals portal. Affiliates are rewarded with commission or percentage of sale whenever conversion happens through them. Website owners, Twitter enthusiasts and bloggers normal play the role of affiliates.

  • Referrals

    Referrals come into the picture when people refer their friends and family to the portal. If the reference is converted into a sale in a specific period, monetary reward is given.
    Rewards are usually fixed by portal owners and are often given in the form of money cashable through deals.

  • Representatives

    Representatives bring business to the portal and also help merchants in framing the right deal. Along with looking for new businesses to partner with, they also decide whether the merchantís offerings have a market with their subscriberís base or not.

Easy Voucher Redemption

It is only after redemption that buyer receives the value of the voucher purchased. bitFATdeals simplifies voucher redemption for buyers so that they come back for more.

Easy Accounting

Accounting is important for keeping track of profit, balance payable, expenses and other monetary aspects. bitFATdeals focuses on making accounting effortless and easy to upkeep.

Affiliates System

Affiliates bring new visitors to the deals website and they need to be rewarded for their effort. This is taken care by affiliate system. Through affiliates system, bitFATdeals help portal owners in making estimations and appropriate fund transfers.

Referral System

Users refer deals to their friends and if a purchase is made, the referrer is rewarded. In bitFATdeals, referral system is in place to make sure that people receive the benefit of referring deals to their loved ones.

Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are important for safe monetary transfers. They also make sure that personal information is not compromised in any way. bitFATdeals is powered by secure payment gateways.

Social Media Integration

Social media has replaced word of mouth. Nowadays, if you like something, you share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Possibilities are huge with social media and bitFATdeals capitalizes on it through social media integration.

Admin/Merchant Interface

Simplicity and usability are the essence of any website. To make sure that merchants and administrators are at ease while using bitFATdeals platform, focus has been kept on simplifying technical concepts.

Daily Mailer + 35 other custom designed emails

Users and subscribers need to be informed about new deals in their area along with other important news. Through custom designed emails, daily mailer does the same without getting monotonous.

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