Creative Writing - When thoughts are right & the pen is might!

Creative writing is more than just conveying information; it's predominantly about striking the right chord with the reader and getting them immersed into your beautifully woven thoughts. Every form of writing is to a large degree creative, however creative writing exclusively encompasses writing that is imaginative and ingenious. It's no rocket science, but not a cake walk either. An individual needs to be an intense observer and a whiz in construing things beyond what is conventionally interpreted, already. Writing is primarily about personal freedom, and a writer holds out and out prerogative to weave thoughts, feelings and put them down on paper. Words that zing, thoughts that capture and expressions that swoon, creative writing per se!

Wordsmiths look ahead of worldly precepts and articulate their own creative paradigms that are poetic, unique and certainly imaginative. Creative writers are sellers of exquisitely crafted thoughts and creative impressions born and nurtured in their mind's eyes. When your emotions are powerful enough to magnetize readers, and whatever you pen down becomes an expression, you are not too far from becoming an influential creative writer. You don't necessarily need to be sophisticated or educated to become a creative writer, you just need to be earnest about it, and have oodles of passion!

Creativity is the dazzling art to create metaphors and creative writing is the ability to innovate your expressions in the most appealing way. The writer thinks and reshapes something present into something unique that cannot be conceived usually. Vocabulary, figurative use of language and style are some of the key factors to be considered by a writer while fabricating thoughts into powerful writing. Some common types of creative writing are poetry, essays, fiction, non-fiction, songs, reminiscences and the likes. A good writer gives life to the abstract and breath to the dying!

Creative writing relaxes the soul and rejuvenates the mind, immerses you into the reminiscences gone by and recapitulates those memories gone dry!

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