Cover letter Writing - First face of your professional personality

Cover letters introduce you to the employer and represent your objective in seeking that particular job opportunity. A cover letter is an accompaniment to your resume. Cover letters are considered a courteous way to approach companies requesting them for an interview schedule. Hence, your cover letter should be impressive enough to appeal to the employers.

Writing a cover letter and attaching that with your resume can make a lot of difference to your professional credibility. It says a lot about your attitude and professional personality. It's the first step that can lead you to the main entrance, if you know what we mean!

Cover letters should be brief, compact, precise, proficient and crunchy! Since employers tend to just zip past cover letters and keep their main eyes on resume. A cover letter would give your resume that extra edge. The main sections to be included in a cover letter are the position that you are applying for, the source through which you got to know about that company, your most competent skills and contact details.

It goes without saying that the employers will be glancing through several cover letters, so you got to make it different to stand ahead of your competition. Hence the information in the letter must be relevant, updated and apt. Cover letter gives the employer that one good reason to glide through your resume, so you better make it impressive and appealing.

Some key factors to keep in mind while writing your cover letter are

  • Project zeal and interest in the company.
  • Avoid using too much of 'I', it shows an egocentric attitude.
  • Try to use short sentences that are effective and to the point.
  • Cover letter should be convincing, persuasive and creatively written to grab attention from the employers.

Bear all these pointers in mind and come up with an intriguing cover letter that can compel the interviewers read through your resume and shortlist you for an interview. This is the stepping stone to achieving the awaited milestone and the first face of your personality!

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