Xopso, A client of FATbit receives nomination at Ecommerce awards- 2013 Spain Xopso, A client of FATbit receives nomination at Ecommerce awards- 2013 Spain

Xopso, a daily deal brand offering discounts and deals on products and many such features gets nominated for best daily deal website at Ecommerce awards, 2013 Spain. The company crossed the mark of € 130,000 on the very first day of its launch. Xopso was facing technical and usability issues before coming to FATbit, which were hindering payments and traffic generation too. FATbit professionals worked upon devising a new strategy to eliminate limited functionality and outdated technology. A responsive design, added features, real-timestock meter and increased products categories hit anexceptional sales mark.

With a search engine friendly design made from square one to give rich user experience with its HTML5 and CSS3 technology, FATbit has succeeded in delivering a robust ecommerce solution to Xopso which has the capacity to handle 100,000s concurrent visitors and 1000 orders being placed every minute.

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2013-07-20 17:25

CEO and founder FATbit technologies, got interviewed by IdeaMensh CEO and founder FATbit technologies, got interviewed by IdeaMensh

Where well acclaimed entrepreneurs from the world share their story. The interview taken by Mario, elucidates how an idea got shaped nine years back to become a credible name in the world of websolutions.

The CEO shares in his interview, what drives him to deliver the best to his clients and what motivates him to look further.  A journey of experiences, aspirations and vision is well knitted in this communication with Mr. Manish Bhalla, to inspire beginners who share similar zeal of giving life to their ideas. His strengths lie in his values that are unshakable and his quest for knowledge that is unbound. The whole of it can be read at http://ideamensch.com/manish-bhalla/.

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2013-06-26 17:27

FATbit unveils its newer look for BLOGS FATbit unveils its newer look for BLOGS

FATBit has redesigned its blog space for giving more enriching experience to online business enthusiasts. The page has come into being with a focus on research and analysis that will not only talk about the problems but offer effective solutions to reader's query too.
The analysts and writers at FABlog make sure that the blog gives an insight to all untouched topics that need to come under one's view. The inputs on significant issues like traffic generating, user experience and conversions are well studied and framed in an 'easy-to- understand' manner so as to give the opportunity to its readers to explore varied options available for them.  One can find here, the most relevant stuff on day to day transitions that take place in the world of technology and change the face of web solutions.

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2013-06-15 17:25

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