The Neil Patel: MOPPING TO MILLIONS. Biography

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Till now, making of millionaires and their journeys have been illustrated in biographies, articles and news. But from today, another medium will be the added to the list.

FATbit presents Biographic, life chronicle at its comic best.
We have chosen the web entrepreneur and founder of two successful companies, Neil Patel to grace the first ever biographic(biography as infographic) made. Enjoy our graphic hard work and learn everything about Neil’s life, struggles, and achievements with a pinch of humor.

Neil Patel Bio

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Manish Bhalla

This is the best piece of biographic created ever for any one. FATbit team did a great job in presenting Neil Patel’s biography and history/journey so far. We wish him best for his future. You must subscribe for his blog at quicksprout.com for really actionable tips for promoting your online business. His shared tips can be applied to offline businesses as well :)

FATbit Chef Post author

Thank you Ellen, our team had put great efforts in presenting Neil Patel’s History as an Infographic. And we enjoyed working on it. :)

FATbit Chef


My name is Mariam. I live in Little London, United Kingdom.I
randomly stumble on fatbit.com. I just want
to say that I liked your blog post about “The Neil Patel: MOPPING TO MILLIONS. Biography”.

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