How to Really Improve Website Conversions & Sales?

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There is sea of literature on web that claims to tell website owners how to improve conversions and sales. While web related businesses can make sense out of words like A/B testing and heat mapping, entrepreneurs who are new to web are more baffled & less helped by such suggestions. Such novices need a much simpler & direct approach about improving sales. And here is the simple approach;

Go for Website Usability Analysis

In simple words, website usability analysis will tell you what your website is doing right and wrong from a user’s point of view. The usability experts analyze the comfort of visitors on first interaction, ease in accomplishing tasks, problems encountered and time taken to recover.
Getting a usability analysis done will highlight the user related issues that are hindering the conversion processes. Once you know the problems, you can switch gears and find the solutions.

Website Redesign

Once you are aware that it is bad navigation, unprofessional content, unintuitive labeling or any other issue that is troubling your business, you can choose website redesigning to correct the discrepancies. Redesigning while keeping insights from website usability analysis in mind would help in creating a website that will be more intuitive and suitable for your field of business.

However, for redesign work, make sure you partner with a firm that has experience in crafting truly professional websites. Studying industry experience and portfolio helps in finding the right web design company.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Sometimes, sales don’t happen because purchase process is too complicated or visitors could not find ‘buy’ buttons & links. While usability analysis also lightly touches on conversion options, ‘conversion rate optimization’ goes to great lengths to improve chances of sales/signups. Experts analyze the whole conversion funnel and suggest changes that would make more people to complete transactions. Getting your conversion rate optimized will lead to increased user interaction and reduced bounce rate which means greater return on investment.

Adding Appropriate Landing Pages

Web users look for products and services on Google, and, on clicking, love to reach a query related page. Hence, appropriate landing pages are important to give web users exactly what they are looking for. Directing all the search engine traffic on homepage wouldn’t be a smart thing to do. Landing pages are effective when designed while keeping usability and marketing concepts in mind. They ask for brevity and crispiness; only experienced designer can get the right balance. So, having a dedicated landing page designed or getting an already existing landing page optimized is another way of increasing conversions and sales.

At FATbit, we understand the importance of sales, and thus make websites that maximize them.

Improvement in sales figures doesn’t happen overnight; it asks for time, persistent efforts and patience. That said, having an intuitive website with smart conversion funnel and landing pages is surely a prerequisite for better sales.

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