Google Panda Update on 22 Jan 2013-1.2% Of Search Queries Impacted

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We recently reported news about SERP fluctuations on 17 January 2013 from all over the world. Forum and Twitter world were laden with reports of lost rankings from remorseful businesses and website owners. While no official update came in past few days, Google has finally spoken;

Though the announcement made on Twitter doesn’t hold any direct connection with what happened five days ago, it will surely affects webmasters and businesses. Panda hit low quality websites hard, also taking down unsuspecting businesses. What would new Panda data refresh bring for such business owners? Further downfall or improvement?

Well, this is something only Google can tell.
The tweet also reported that 1.2% of English queries have been affected. Though the number is quite diminutive as compared to the humungous 12 % rankings damage when Panda first appeared, it would surely add to the uproar on the forums world.
A data refresh seems tolerable but could SEO world bear a totally new update that would gnaw through the business of web entrepreneurs?

Well, only time will tell.

What may be the case, FATbit will keep you updated.

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