Who designed and created Flipkart brand?

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who designed flipkart

You go online to buy sunglasses and a list appears with four to five names on the top, which are quite familiar to you. Being a brand that promoted online sales in India, Flipkart is bound to be among them. It’s not with sunglasses only but for a number of other shopping items too, that you will find Flipkart among the leading choices of online shoppers.

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Here we have uncovered the facts that will tell you how an ecommerce platform like Flipkart is developed and raised:

What is Flipkart?

Flipkart is an Indian ecommerce store having its nerve center at Bangalore. With its annual sales of Rs 2,000 cr the company stands as one of the bestselling online store in India.  A small online business, initiated as a book store, today sells almost 20 products per minute that include everything from mobiles, clothing, footwear, toys, home furnishings, accessories to eBooks.

Who owns Flipkart?

The company is owned by two IIT Delhi graduates, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal who left their jobs at Amazon and brought sales under the roof of technology.  They started this venture when ecommerce was more of a risk than opportunity but with a clear vision of offering the best consumer experience to internet users, they witnessed incredible growth in last six years. The list of Flipkart competitors includes prominent names like, eBay.In,,,, &

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Who designed Flipkart?

There are lots of queries regarding the one who designed it but the bigger question is what technology does flipkart use, because it is that technology which is making Flipkart a users’ favorite. Developing an online platform is a job that requires equal share of Technological expertise and sound decision making. Principally built on PHP, this website offers human experience which makes the shopping experience as satisfying as in a real store. Sachin Bansal, one of the founders, did initial coding on an open source platform and customized it according to their initial business needs. Later on, the duo focused more on the management aspects like packaging and delivery. As in current times, their programming engineers make it sure that the site is high on responsiveness and low on tech errors, which is the most favorable selling point of this online store.

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Which technology does Flipkart use – Inside FACTS

  • Abhishek Kona, ex-Flipkart Engineer has revealed that Flipkart does not depend on any fixed technology stacks rather aim at knowing which tool solves their problem best and use that one flexibly.  In his work tenure at Flipkart, he has used Java, Scala and pure python for different projects.
  • All their software run on Linux – Debian and most of other systems make use of JVM, even though they are not always created on Java.
  • Flipkart uses MySQL for data storage and Memcached for caching. The company has assessed top most No SQL data stores to pick the best for the production.
  • Hadoop is another software that Flipkart uses for various projects. It simplifies evaluation and data management.

What makes Flipkart a Success?

Engineers at Flipkart use A/B framework to test new ideas and implementations so that the upgraded functionality can be delivered to its customers.  It offers fast checkout, instant product search and Layered and Faceted Navigation that adds to its user experience.

  • Apart from the consistent ecommerce features, they have added innovation in their offers and discount section that adds to buyers’ confidence.
  • Appropriate space is dedicated to its Offers zone and deal of the day that fetches adequate attention of users.
  • Flipkart keeps a constant focus on new category creation and expansion of products.
  • Its ads and promotion activities motivate shoppers to buy online by delivering the idea of ease to them.

The complete user experience that they offer has brought them to point where the company has closed its fund raising at $360 million which includes additional $160 million to its fund count that was announced to be $200 million in July. The list of investors includes Morgan Stanley Investment Management, Sofina, Dragoneer Investment Group, and Vulcan Capital-alongside existing investor Tiger Global.

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What all you need to develop an ecommerce store like this?

Engaging customers with infusing technology and innovative solutions is the thumb rule to raise an online store. Except this, what adds to its success is:

  • Discoverability
  • User experience
  • Responsiveness

Flipkart meets the above mentioned standards perfectly and thus happens to be one of the most saleable ecommerce brands of India.

It is not the idea that defines your success, it’s how you bring it forth.

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We make sure that your business presents exclusivity. Since the customers cannot see or feel your products in real, online shopping ought to give the similar comfort virtually.

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Do you have any e-commerce business idea which can revolutionize the industry the way Flipkart did? Share it with us, we might be able to help !

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Emma Patrick

Thank you for the post.
I think the important question is not who designed Flipkart. What is important is what all needs to be taken into consideration while designing a user friendly website like Flipkart. Their website is simple yet builds a unique user experience, it works well and is very responsive. The technical aspects highlighted in the article can be very beneficial to an entrepreneur looking for a similar solution.

Anamika Kapoor

I was always inspired by the way flipkart rose to fame. Its amazing to see that so much of effort goes behind designing a website which is user friendly and technically sound. And its strange that the designers or developers are unknown when the website is so famous.

Anyways it is a very interesting article, loved reading it.

Thanks for sharing!

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